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Sweden Conscience-Stricken?

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STOCKHOLM/COUNTRY OF SWEDEN™ (Rixstep) — Dagens Juridik: they're the number one online resource and forum for judicial matters in the country. They become, by walkover, something of the nation's judicial conscience. They've previously written about and discussed the case of Assange, and the country's outrageous indefinite pre-trial detention times have not escaped their attention.

But when given the biggest Assange story ever on a diamond-studded silver platter - the FOI releases by l'Espresso's Stefania Maurizi - they chose, like every last website in the country, to 'sit still in the boat'. That release showed unequivocally that Marianne Ny had been lying to the media, both in Sweden and globally. Yet confronted with this, the editors of Dagens Juridik chose to remain silent. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, Assange in Sweden even sent Stefania's PDF and a link to the original story.


But now they choose to write. And why? Could it be because they too find a way to spin the latest news, not so much to smear Assange but to whitewash their crumbling judicial system?

'Swedish prosecutors may not interrogate Assange - Ecuador rejects the Swedish request', reads their header in a reasonably accurate translation by Google. But what's not told - heaven forbid - is what actually happened.

Now that Sweden and Ecuador have signed an agreement for Mutual Legal Assistance, at least in this case for questioning Assange, Marianne Ny was expected to send a new application.

So did she? Not quite.

What Marianne Ny did was take a copy of the old application from June 2015, pencil out the sections she didn't feel were applicable, and give that to Ecuador instead. Representatives of the republic said it was tantamount to a diplomatic insult.

Additionally, Marianne Ny acted like she doesn't understand how interrogations abroad work - that they don't include time for shopping at Harrods, and that the local authorities always conduct the actual questioning. Sweden and Ecuador now have a signed agreement for this questioning, but Marianne Ny now says she has to think the whole thing over.

One could immediately suspect conspiracy, but Ny screwed up back in November 2010 too, failing at ticking boxes for the Brits over and over again.

Odds are instead that Marianne Ny is just incomprehensibly bad at her job.

DJ Comments

Not everyone in the Swedish duckpond is clueless or bought at the right price. Some of the comments arriving at Dagens Juridik for this piece are, if not 'spot on', at least close to being accurate.

2016-01-21 15:51
Can't someone make this parody of Swedish justice come to an end? So much prestige and trust has already been lost, in addition to the personal suffering of Julian Assange.

2016-01-21 18:03
Anyone who reads the case documents instead of the tabloids knows there's no way anyone could expect a conviction here.

2016-01-21 18:46
'Public opinion' has always been orchestrated by leaks from the police and the prosecution. The people rarely end up on the side of the accused, and we can't be proud of the ability of our court system to ignore public pressure. A bit of humility might be in order.

2016-01-21 19:39
Sweden doesn't want him. They wrote unreasonable demands into their application. There's likely fabricated evidence in the case, fabricated evidence that's widely known, perhaps a rum medical certificate etc, so they can't have a trial in Sweden. Those certificates are widely known. Claes Borgström, one or two doctors at Söder hospital... The circus can begin.


Postscript: A Budding Career?

Ny New Assistant Prosecutor in Gothenburg
Kristianstadsbladet 27 December 2007

It started when a high school principal suggested she be a jurist. Now Bromölla resident Marianne Ny takes on the position of Assistant Prosecutor in Gothenburg.

Actually she was thinking of being an engineer. After a childhood in Degeberga, Marianne Ny studied natural sciences at Österäng high school in Kristianstad. Through her work on the student council, she met principal Gösta Weister, who said she should consider a different career.

'I went to his office to ask if he'd seen the counselor. I was looking for information on a number of professions. He replied by telling me I should study law instead. That suggestion somehow germinated.'

Marianne Ny will become an Assistant Prosecutor in Gothenburg on 1 February 2008 after eleven years as Assistant Chief Prosecutor in Malmö. This is a bigger change than meets the eye. In her current job, she's a boss, but also a prosecutor and a chief investigator. In Gothenburg she'll primarily work with development and supervision on a national level.

'It feels exciting and challenging too! I hope I can spend time developing prosecutorial methods!' she says. The prosecutor's office in Gothenburg works in development for sex crimes, molestation, restraining orders, and violations of integrity. Marianne Ny's specialities are well suited. Already during her first year she started concentrating on domestic violence. This became her niche, and now she holds courses for prosecutors who plan on specialising in sex crimes and child abuse.

'This type of crime affects people's security in a deep way, so it's important for me to do as good a job as I can', she says. Marianne Ny has long been a resident of Bromölla, quite the distance from Gothenburg, but she isn't planning on moving.

'I'll be a weekly commuter. It's very peaceful, living in a small community. The nature around Ivö Lake is wonderful!'

Marianne Ny
Age: 54
Residence: Bromölla
Former assignments:
Prosecutor, Kristianstad 1985-1989; Karlshamn 1989-1994; Hässleholm 1994-1996
Assistant Chief Prosecutor, Malmö 1996-2007
New assignment: Assistant Prosecutor, Gothenburg

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