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'A Very Strange Place'

Swedish shenanigans go global this time.

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NORTHCLIFFE HOUSE (Rixstep) — The world was reeling this week with the news of the murder of Alexandra Mezher in Mölndal, outside Gothenburg in Sweden. Alexandra Mezher had just completed her university baccalaureate studies, and was working the night shift at a home for 'unaccompanied refugee children'.

An altercation broke out amongst the 'children' at 07:45 AM and Alexandra stepped in to break it up. She was stabbed in the back by one of the 'children' and died from her wounds.

The above is not necessarily a photo from the home in question but it could be. It's at any rate the 'image' being presented to the Swedish people by their media. Consider if 'children' like below would be pleased with such an environment.

The gent on the left is supposedly 14 years old when the photo's taken; the gent on the right is supposed to be 15 - and he's also the one arrested for murdering Alexandra.

Both are considered 'unaccompanied children'. Both are in Sweden.

Receiving countries normally do age checks on asylum seekers. Arriving as a 'child' automatically puts you in the 'fast lane' - you can avoid all those chaotic halfway houses - and it also means that your 'story' doesn't have to be as convincing, as you are, after all, only a 'child'.

But politically lost Sweden won't even do age checks - the country's politicians consider such things 'intrusive' and offensive. So situations such as the above happen all the time. In other countries, things are taken with a generous pinch of salt, and as many as half of the 'children' are found to have been lying.

These 'children' are often sent ahead by their families. It takes a lot of money to smuggle someone so far. They get the 'child' in first, then the 'child' turns around and suddenly discovers there are gobs of living relatives, then they get to come to Sweden too. The 'children' will normally manage to, accidentally on purpose, lose all their paperwork as well.

They game the system. And it's likely the smugglers who help them learn how to do it.

Currently the 'country of origin' of just over half the refugees arriving in Sweden is not yet determined; only a fraction of them actually come from Syria.

Which is all water under the bridge. As this isn't about them anyway - it's about the Swedish media, sometimes lovingly referred to as the 'media elite', or the 'PC elite', or the 'PC mafia', or the 'media mafia'.

Swedes are still reeling from a scandal earlier this month when it was discovered both the authorities and the media were covering up the systematic attacks on young teenage girls in a Stockholm park two years running. And reeling as well from the 'Code 291' scandal, where it was found that the Swedish police hid away records with over 5,000 registered criminal incidents at refugee homes in the past six months.

But the above scandal, involving the Daily Mail, takes things to a whole new level - out of the park.

Swedes were gutted by the murder of Alexandra Mezher. But the Swedes are still led to believe the perpetrator was 'just a child'. They're not allowed to see pictures of the perpetrator, much less his name. All they're told is that he's 15 years old. For the past few days, the Swedish media have hammered home the idea of a 'child' committing this crime - they've gone out of their way to repeat, over and over again, ad infinitum et ad nauseam, that the murderer is a 'child'.

The Daily Mail decided to check the story out. Sara Malm, herself a Swede, stayed behind in Blighty, whilst the others traveled to Gothenburg for the arraignment, where they got the photo above - it was used in the Swedish media, but with the face pixelated.

The reporters at the Mail produced an impressive series of articles in no time flat. Then something strange happened:

Sara Malm at the Daily Mail tweeted - very early in the morning - that their articles on the Alexandra murder have been blocked for Sweden. Allegedly for Swedish 'judicial reasons'.

Never mind the obvious absurdity. Consider instead what that same Swedish media did to someone else not long ago.

Expressen editor-in-chief Thomas Mattsson explained that he decided to forego the ethics code because the Assange story was 'so big'; his chief reporter Niklas Svensson added that they published Assange's name because the scoop was the biggest in their publishing history.

Clearly the Swedish journalism ethics code is more a guideline than a rule.

The reaction to the tweet by Sara Malm was incendiary.

In English this is called 'bullshit'.
We who live in the free world can still read it!
Why can't I even read the article on inflated rental costs?
Judicial reasons? Someone's going to sue the Daily Mail?
Outright communist methods by the Swedish government!
Disgusting! Are we North Korea now? Despicable and cowardly. Spineless swines!
The government cannot censor articles for judical reasons, it's against the constitution.

And after replying with 'this is not a conspiracy Jesus Fucking Christ', Sara (or her superiors) evidently thought better of it, and the tweet was removed.

Duqu to the rescue - he'd already archived most of the exchange (which can now be found here).

http://archive.is/1WpNj <— <— <— download

For those in the duckpond who want to read the Daily Mail article series, the links below are all 'archived'. Pleasant reading.

Jesus Fucking Christ.
 - Sara Malm
Sweden is a very strange place.
 - WikiLeaks
A state that has to censor the truth in order to justify its policies is morally bankrupt.
 - Lars Pellinat

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SOU: Yttrandefrihetskommittén Integritetsfrågan (journalism ethics code)

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