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Marianne Ny's Human Rights Crimes

From 'outoftheblue', in reply to a forum troll.

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The threat from the US is well documented. There's a lot that's happened since the ruling of the Working Group. The case is making headlines again, and Assange is enjoying more and more support. The UK and Sweden have been criticised.

His living conditions haven't changed, but it must feel good with so much vindication. One step closer to the truth, one might say, now that Marianne Ny's deprivation of liberty has been exposed as a human rights crime. Wouldn't you feel better if you were him?

His Swedish lawyers have asked for the detention to again be reviewed by the district court. He's of course got a much better chance of winning this time. Marianne Ny refuses to quash the warrant, and Sweden's government may not interfere, so our 'independent' judicial system has no choice but to investigate itself again. I think it's rather exciting. Will the court act cowardly, despite Marianne Ny dragging her feet for yet another year? Despite the UNWGAD ruling that the detention and the European Arrest Warrant are a violation of human rights? Despite the statute of limitations having expired for most of the case?

If the district court dares go against Marianne Ny, it'll be interesting to see if she gives up or if she appeals. And Marianne Ny will have to appear in court to defend her illegal detention, despite the statute of limitations having expired for most of her case, and despite her having accomplished absolutely nothing for another full year. I'd love to see her appearance in court! My guess it's that she's working on, and not some questions for Assange, or an application to Ecuador. Or maybe she'll submit an application to Ecuador for the sake of appearances - if, that is, she's not too busy with other matters.

Why do we hear nothing from the district court? How long do they need to decide on the new hearing?

It seems as if Assange's lawyers are working calmly and methodically to use the judicial system to get redress for the injustices he's suffered in the claws of Marianne Ny and her prosecution authority. Their handling of the case seems straightforward. But it's such a shame that so much work is needed to overcome Marianne Ny's shameless 'sit still in the boat' abuse of power.

Postscript: it seems Samuelson and Olsson submitted their motion to the district court on 22 February. Sweden received the UNWGAD ruling on 22 January. Samuelson and Olsson gave Sweden a full month to do the right thing.

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