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The Bonnier Political Kindergarten

Expressen's editor-in-chief arraigned today on charges of aggravated libel.

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BONNIER HOUSE (Rixstep) — Expressen editor-in-chief Thomas Mattsson was arraigned in court today on charges of aggravated libel. This case is related to the infamous 'Research Group' founded by outed Swedish security police spy Martin Fredriksson, who also conducted a campaign against Amnesty International and Julian Assange.

The video below (rush translation follows immediately after) serves as an introduction to the case.

JF: Hello hello. Jimmy Fredriksson from Expressen.

JO: Jimmy Fredriksson! Oh really!

JF: Are you Jim Olsson?

JO: Oh really. And I know what you're after. You fucking bastards. Read in your Bonnier's Lexicon what it says about gypsies, read what they've written. You people! Fuck off! Fuck off!


JO: And you live in this area too. I know you do. You moved here to be free of multiculturalism. You hypocrites!

JF: You know me?

JO: I read in GT/Expressen. I post comments at GT/Expressen. You've broken the user agreement. I hope DISQUS sue the shit out of you.

JF: So you're 'teoderik'?

JO: No comments at all. I've posted comments at Expressen, Aftonbladet, and Dagens Nyheter for years. I post comments at a lot of sites. And I have nothing to hide.

JF: Why do you tell us to fuck off?

JO: Because what you're doing is despicable. You're only trying to stop people from voting for the Sweden Democrats and things like that. You persecute people. I have no connection to the Sweden Democrats. I am not a member of their party. But I am very critical of your campaign against anyone who criticises anything in any way connected to immigration policy.

JF: You said I lived in this area.

JO: You do. You do. You certainly don't live in any of the difficult areas. And neither do any of your journalist colleagues. You live in your ivory towers and then try to attack ordinary people. Goddamn! How despicable! You bastards! Fuck off!

JF: OK, we're going now.

JO: Yes you do that! You do that! Goodbye! Goodbye! Here's hoping DISQUS sue you for billions - you and your Bonniers!

Martin Fredrksson, who founded and ran the infamous Research Group, says he came upon a 'bug' in the DISQUS comment system which gave him full access to all user data for those commenting on articles. Considerations for how this was still a breach of privacy were evidently not a vital topic of conversation in those circles.

Fredriksson took his data to the Bonniers' Expressen, who began outing people by name and address, and even, as above, making personal house calls.

That there is a connection between Fredriksson's Research Group, the Bonniers, and the Swedish security police (and beyond to the US) can no longer be in doubt.

  • It's known today that Assange's every move in Sweden was monitored by at least three intel agencies; Assange's belongings were 'disappeared' from Arlanda airport and the investigation was never taken seriously.
  • Expressen published Assange's itinerary for 14 August 2010, something no one else could possibly know (not even Assange - he didn't know it himself beforehand).
  • News of the 'arrest in absentia' 20 August 2010 was leaked within minutes to Expressen.
  • Already in the 'da Costa' case years earlier, evidence surfaced of a connection between Expressen and law enforcement.
  • Fredriksson's Research Group were supposed to be combatting neo-Nazi groups, and reportedly assembling a Stasi-like archive over the years; there's not even a remote connection to WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, both of which are of great concern to the US.
  • Articles by the Indicter (see below) detail how Fredriksson used Amnesty Sweden to undermine Amnesty International's support for Julian Assange.
  • An Expressen photographer turned up at the Ecuador embassy during a Marianne Ny media blackout.

And as per WikiLeaks PlusD cables, Carl Bildt has had a documented connection to the CIA since the early 1970s.

Sweden in relation to Carl Bildt is acting like a political kindergarten. It is totally absurd. And as a result, we simply do not answer questions to your organisation. As you know, your organisation works hand in hand with the Moderate Party, it is owned by the Bonniers - come on!
 - Julian Assange

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