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DDOS Attack on Swedish MSM

Some might say it's about time.

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BONNIER HOUSE (Rixstep) — Sweden's MSM were hit by a DDOS attack last night. Their four major publications - Aftonbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, and Svenska Dagbladet - were all hit, along with a few other minor sites.

The attack was prefaced by an announcement on Twitter.

This is what happends [sic] when you spread false propaganda. Aftonbladet.se #offline @Aftonbladet

The following days attacks against the Swedish goverment [sic] and media spreading false propaganda will be targetted.

News site Breakit, not hit by the attack, reported on it here.


As did Sweden's Voldemort news site Fria Tider.


Dagens Nyheter got up for a bit and referred visitors to an alternative site.


By early morning, the sites were back up again, all decrying that the attack had been an attack on 'freedom of speech'.

Oh the irony.

It's About Time

Some people might say 'it's about time', as the character of Sweden's 'Big Brother' media long ago passed the boiling point. Almost all major outlets are controlled by two corporations, of which the infamous Bonnier empire is the most influential.

The editor-in-chief of Bonnier's Expressen was arraigned in court this week on charges of aggravated libel for a 'campaign' conducted last August where he used the 'services' of exposed security police spy Martin Fredriksson, the very same one who co-engineered the Swedish Amnesty coup against head office for their support of Julian Assange.

But of course that wasn't covered at all in the MSM.

The machinations - the underhanded dealings - of the Bonniers have often been reported at this site. Their latest scandal involved how they deliberately hid away the massive attacks on young girls in downtown Stockholm by immigrant gangs 'for fear of playing into the hands of xenophobic political elements'. That girls would return to the same park the next year (with parental permission) to get molested and raped was evidently not as great a concern as holding the Bonnier party line.

Dagens Nyheter assistant editor-in-chief Caspar Opitz dismissed the story without letting his reporter look into it, on the grounds that it had to be 'right-wing propaganda'.

The Swedish police also covered up the story. But the chief of police is not a policeman - he's a politician who takes his orders from his government. This only exacerbated the situation. People were getting hurt and the Bonniers didn't care - their political agenda was at stake - and the government didn't care either.

The Bonniers, when confronted with the scandal, refused to own up, instead going after those who dared publish the truth, and trying every trick in the book to discredit them (but fortunately failing this time).

The government had to have been in the loop.

Duckpond Media Format

Swedish media are at a dangerous low ebb. Over half of all that's published is advertisements; a small portion is devoted to seriously filtered news; and the rest is reserved for the 'preachers' - an inner city 'clique' who stick together at all costs. Starting from the crumbs of news the Swedish people are given, the 'preachers' must thereafter make sure the people also think correctly about the news they're fed - a tactic similar to the Swedish foreign office 'language usage rulebook'.

And all too often, major world news items are simply not carried. They're blacked out, put simply. As far as Swedish readers are concerned, those things don't happen.

For example, the Bonnier flagship Dagens Nyheter still hold to a 100% blackout on the tragedy of Donbass, and perhaps more importantly: the considerable humanitarian aid sent by Russia, and perhaps even more importantly: the massive flow of Donbass refugees into Russia. The United Nations now estimate that close to 1,000,000 refugees have crossed the border into Russia, yet all that the Bonnier's Peter Wolodarski will print is the mysterious rhetorical question 'one wonders how Kiev could handle that tremendous influx of refugees'.

Sweden doesn't have a serious problem with right-wing extremists, and never has had. Of course they exist - there are fanatics of all shapes and sizes in Sweden, just as in almost every country (albeit fewer in number and less fanatic in Sweden). But they are not and never have been a tangible national threat in any way shape or form (any more than exotic 'Russian' pedal-powered one-man subs have been a threat in the Swedish archipelago). They're used instead as a kind of Emmanuel Goldstein in negative form to pave the way for clampdowns on freedom of speech. No one, and no publication, can stray from the official narrative without being branded a 'nazi' or 'racist', and thereby an outcast.

Nazis in Sweden are a serious threat, but there are no Nazis in the Ukraine. None. It's that simple.

Alternative Media

Sweden's alternative media continue to grow. Some new sites concentrate on immigration issues, as immigration is today the country's foremost concern. And these alternative sites, sometimes with extremely limited resources, continue to print what they feel is important to print. Acceptance is growing, albeit at a snail's pace. Some sites, such as Nyheter Idag, have joined publisher associations and consent to be chastised if they're found 'out of line', and this helps in gaining credence and acceptance.

But overall at the end of the day, these sites exist and are visited and supported because the mainstream Swedish news sites are so obviously skewed by a blatant 'agenda', an agenda to which the Bonniers even openly admit today.

Accuracy in reporting is no longer required by Swedish law, 'fair play' is no longer required either, and strictly marking the line between news reporting and outright propaganda is now off the law books as well. Thanks to the Bonniers.

And you can't get more 'Big Brother' than that.

Once was a time, before entry into the EU, when Swedes could care less about what happened in the world beyond the Duckpond. And who could blame them? Swedes were isolated, and gratefully so. But now, for better or for worse, Sweden is in the EU, and by extension, it's in the world beyond as well.

Yet reading habits haven't changed. Great news tidbits are available in English, French, German, to name but three languages. Coverage in global media is often more detailed and more accurate. Yet Swedes prefer their own sources, no matter how shitty they are. They probably think they're getting an accurate picture of what's going on anyway. But when one factors in the filtering, the blackouts, the skew, the unbelievable lengths their media go to in order to force-feed their official narrative and silence those that dare speak out against it - put that all together and it's not a brave new world but a very sorry world, a world that effortlessly outperforms George Orwell's dystopian nightmare '1984'.

Lennart's Hotel

A recent story about a Bonnier TV4 personality serves as a perfect example. Not only in the methods used, but - in a fashion akin to the 'Amnesty coup' - in how it puts on a show for the 'peanut gallery', with one arm of the empire faking a fight with another.

'Lennart' was a counseling coach on a new Bonnier TV4 sleaze show called 'Divorce Hotel'. The idea is to bring in couples contemplating a breakup and let 'Lennart' take them through the paces.

Lennart's been a relationship coach for over thirty years and is highly respected. (That's why he got the job.) But Lennart is also an admin of a closed Facebook group called 'People in Focus'.

'People in Focus' have, this past autumn, and just like everyone in the country, discussed the immigration crisis, and noted, as state television noted, how the planning for this immigration hasn't worked and how assimilation isn't any better.

The murder of Alexandra Mezher brought matters to a boiling point. She was supposedly murdered by a 'child', someone under 15 years of age. Readers of Swedish media wouldn't have been the wiser, but the Daily Mail published pictures of the 'boy'.

The Swedish MSM - and possibly the Swedish government - had a hissy fit, and got the Mail to block access from IP ranges in Sweden. Alexandra's killer wasn't 15 - he's more like twice that age.

But age controls for those claiming to be 15 or younger have never been used in Sweden, so the system's been 'gamed' for years. (Sweden will now implement age controls as a result of the Mezher murder.)

All of which brings us back to 'Lennart' and his closed Facebook group, where in a discussion on the immigration scandal at one point, he facetiously referred to those supposed 'unaccompanied minors' as 'bearded babies'.

Someone allowed in the group evidently took offence and reported him to the Bonnier media.


Feminists to the South Pole

Following is a translation of a Bonnier reporter at Dagens Nyheter interviewing both 'Lennart' and his boss at Bonnier's TV4.

(To 'Lennart' first)

Isn't it offensive to call unaccompanied minors 'bearded babies'?

That's a facetious expression. Sure, I can be provocative in my discourse, but this doesn't mean that I dislike people. What I don't like is being branded a racist when I challenge your dogmas!

Can you understand Facebook users who think you're xenophobic?

Absolutely! But that's not an accurate description of me. I've been to 34 countries, I have friends in Africa. I'm very direct and can be sarcastic, intentionally provocative at times, to shake people up.

Why are Swedish feminists to be deported to the South Pole?

Try to see the sarcasm! Feminists are very quiet about honour killings. I think they should chill a bit. The South Pole is a symbol: get into the cold a while and realise we have to support these victims of honour killings, no matter their ethnicity!

(Now the reporter goes to Lennart's boss - a Bonnier employee)

Is it acceptable that a TV4 presenter describes unaccompanied minors as 'bearded babies'?

That expression doesn't sound so nice, and that sounds like a tedious Facebook discussion. We at TV4 are consistent in our zero tolerance for racism, but I can't tell Lennart what he's to think! This sounds like something you should talk to him about.

Are you going to talk to Lennart?

About what he does on social media? It certainly wouldn't be an emergency conversation. We know he's an individual who likes to debate, and he has to be allowed to continue to do that!

Isn't it odd that you have a relationship coach who thinks feminists should be deported to the South Pole?

I've no idea where you got that! That doesn't match anything I know of Lennart from the times we've been together. What I've seen of Lennart, he's been superlative, and I cannot do an about-face - we think he's doing a great job with our programme!

Shortly afterward, Bonnier announced that 'Lennart' would no longer be used in their TV extravaganza.

Back to Basics

Back to a recurring topic: Julian Assange. As this is a software site, it's unlikely anything would have been written outside that sphere, were it not first for Dan Wood and later the plight of Julian Assange, which in turn led to an awareness of what Sweden's Big Brother media were up to.

The details of the Assange preliminary investigation - the documents submitted to the courts both in Sweden and abroad - have been available since January 2011. That's over five years ago. Sweden's MSM have yet to publish them, using only bits and pieces when it suited them to bolster their narrative (in this case an anti-Assange one). The crucial lab report in those documents, which turns the entire case on its head, has never been mentioned, yet anyone viewing it knows at a glance the entire case is a joke.

The landmark FOIA documents obtained by Stefania Maurizi are still blacked out in Swedish media since October last year; those documents show unequivocally that Sweden's prosecutor Marianne Ny conspired with a 'Paul Close' of Britain's Crown Prosecution Service to avoid giving Assange the possibility of interview, explicitly out of pure fear the case would fall apart.

The Swedish media could have reported on this at any time. No one does. Others not in direct control by the Bonniers don't dare either, aware that such a move can be tantamount to career suicide. Such a procession of Swedish journos contacted by people at Flashback who all admit there are very important stories there, that the entire affair stinks to high heaven... but who know they'll never get published. Big Brother in Sweden won't allow it.

And as an example of what gets printed instead, one need look no further than the 'grassroots' campaign #talkaboutit, coordinated to coincide with Assange's bail hearing, run by Bonnier employees, and later given an award by - you guessed it - the Bonniers.

Even the spy Martin Fredriksson won a Bonnier award - for breaking into web sites and breaching ethical codes left and right.

Expressen's star reporter Niklas Svensson was convicted of data intrusion, moved temporarily to the Bonnier's TV4 until things calmed down, then moved back again in time for the assault on Julian Assange.

That silly book by the Leberkäse Kid was published in Germany by a company owned by the Bonniers. The Bonniers sent a football reporter to Frontline to heckle a WikiLeaks press conference; together with Carl Bildt, they concocted a wild story about WikiLeaks 'operatives' tracking Bonnier staff in Stockholm.

And so forth.

Declaring, as Assange did, that the Bonniers are a 'political kindergarten': it's actually a rather reserved statement, given what's known today about that empire.

Perhaps the best summary of Sweden and the truth is by Lena Sundström. Lena works for the Bonniers, and when asked on Bonnier television what she thought about the strange case of Julian Assange, she replied, right on cue, that she thought nothing at all, that she tried her best to not think about it at all, and in addition encouraged the good Swedish people to do the same.

You can't get more 'Big Brother' than that.

The Bonniers are Sweden's version of Big Brother, and they're every bit as effective as the version written by George Orwell. They're often more subtle and sophisticated. They don't yet own up to a 'Room 101', but just wait. Give them time.

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