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The Day Sweden's Music Died

The country of Per Albin, Tage, and Olof is no more.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — 25 May 2016: Mark this day for your history books. This is the day that Sweden's music died. After all the rumours and denials, it's finally here.

Wednesday 25 May 2016. Several noteworthy (to say the least) things went down in the infamous duckpond.

  1. Sweden to host NATO
  2. Sweden formally defies UNWGAD
  3. Sweden bastardises Paul Moreira's Ukraine documentary
  4. Sweden boots 'Alternative Peace Prize' out of parliament

In one fell swoop, Sweden destroyed the goodwill built up over a near century of good politicking. The Land of the Nobel Prize is now a disgrace.

1. Sweden to host NATO

It's been in the cards for a long time. But today it came to a vote. The Swedish parliament voted to host NATO on Swedish soil.

The leftists wanted to hold out by trying to delay the vote, and were previously thought to be backed by the Sweden Democrats, but the SD leader went on the news last night to clarify that his party wouldn't back a motion for a delay, only block the proposal, as a delay would only give them a few weeks. All the other parties, including the party of Olof Palme, Tage Erlander, and Per Albin Hansson, all voted in support.

They could have asked that NATO not be allowed to bring 'weapons of mass destruction' onto Swedish soil, but they didn't even bother. They didn't even bother.

2. Sweden formally defies UNWGAD

Stockholm's district court entertained a motion by Assange lawyers Per E Samuelson and Thomas Olsson to have a hearing for a new ruling on what the United Nations called Julian Assange's 'arbitrary' (illegal) detention; they also wanted the court to release the SMS traffic believed to be exculpatory. The court stated today that they will not consider the motion at all - in strict defiance of the United Nations.

Anyone see a pattern emerging?

3. Sweden bastardises Paul Moreira's Ukraine documentary

Paul Moreira's excellent 'Masks of the Revolution' documentary on the neo-Nazi forces at work in the US-sponsored coup in Ukraine was to be shown ages ago on Swedish public service television, but the Ukraine ambassador in Stockholm protested. After a succession of dubious delays and excuses, a version was finally ready. But here's the catch.

Six minutes into the intro, Paul says the following (subtitled in English):

'Crimea is a peninsula located south of Ukraine, inhabited mainly by Russians. After the Ukrainian revolution, the Crimean population massively voted in a referendum in favour of joining Russia. Crimea is now a Russian territory.'

Those subtitles are still visible onscreen in the Swedish version, but a kindly Swedish voiceover now says in Paul's stead:

'Crimea is a peninsula in southern Ukraine. Most inhabitants are Russian. After the revolution in Ukraine, Crimea was invaded by Russian forces.'

This is part and parcel of the NATO lie perpetrated all along: Russians didn't invade - they were already there. By international agreement. Per an expensive treaty, Russia can have up to 25,000 troops there to help protect their Sevastopol naval base. At the time of the Kiev coup, they had a mere 16,000.

The Kiev threat to Crimea was tangible. Which is why Crimeans stormed their parliament and demanded a referendum to get the F out. They had their referendum. The turnout was massive. The votes in favour of getting out were also massive. Crimeans took to the streets to celebrate - and out of pure relief.

End of. But Sweden's toeing the NATO line here. Swedish media will still not recognise the ongoing genocide in Donbass - they refuse to publish anything at all. The United Nations might have official statistics on a million Ukrainians fleeing to Russia, but all Swedish media will publish are photos of Tess Asplund. As they say: 'strain gnats and swallow camels'.

A formal complaint has already been submitted to the Swedish Broadcasting Commission.

4. Sweden boots 'Alternative Peace Prize' out of parliament

It's been held in the parliament for over 30 years, Sweden's Right Livelihood Award. Over the years, it's been given to the likes of Astrid Lindgren, Amy Goodman, and Edward Snowden.

It was when Snowden got the award that things started to happen. Carl Bildt did all he could to stop it. But then he lost in the elections, Margot Wallström took over, and after fighting like a bar of Toblerone through a graft scandal, after telling the media that not much would change from the days of her predecessor...

The ceremonies went off as originally planned, but with one grand caveat: both Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison were completely airbrushed out of the official narrative. As if Snowden magically flew like 007 in Thunderball from Hong Kong to Sheremetyevo. No, it didn't make any sense, but that's what was foisted on the Swedish people - not by Bildt, but by social democrat Wallström.

And so last week the final insult: social democrat Urban Ahlin says the ceremonies can no longer be held on parliamentary premises, as they're too much in use.

Our parliamentary buildings aren't conference centres for just anyone, says Ahlin.

Even the feeble Swedish media don't believe that one. Swedish parliamentary premises are unused 90% of the time.

Hammers and Nails

They've been itching for it for a long time. Cables show that they've had eyes on Syria as far back as 2006. Kerry blew it in a presser and Putin got an opening and brokered a peace deal. Drats. They brought cookies to Kiev and mustered up some of the most brutal Nazis ever and went after Russia that way. But drats again. So now they're trying to provoke in the Black Sea, right outside Russia's naval port.

And Sweden, the neutral nation not at war anywhere for two centuries, will now be ready to help.

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