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More on That Blasted Condom

'I couldn't resist', said the police inspector...

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GOTHENBURG/LONDON (Rixstep) — The statute of limitations expired last year on Marianne Ny's 'case' against Julian Assange regarding a possible misdemeanour reported by Anna Ardin, for which Assange was questioned already 30 August 2010. Despite no further legal hinders, Marianne Ny let the statute expire without bringing the matter to court.

Behind this story: the falsified evidence which the faithful Swedish media have concertedly kept from their readership to this day.

An exchange at Flashback today can shed further light on this 'anomaly'.


It seems far more likely that it was produced and prepared after the police complaint.

Has Anna ever been made to explain where she found it and how she preserved it for more than a week between 13 or 14 August and 21 August? Or was it 22 August? As the condom was turned over to the police who visited Anna in her flat.


It was Saturday 21 August. First constable Sara Wennerblom interrogated Anna via telephone, and later that same day arrived at Anna's flat to get the condom. An earlier post here produces a good timeline of events.

18:12 Sara Wennerblom picks up a condom from AA's flat. The time given in the police protocol is: 18:21.

Article 2010-0201-BG20840-1 (object 1) is stored in vaults 1 and 2. [omitted from the police docs]
Article 2010-0201-BG20840-2 (object 2) is stored in vault 2. [referred to as 'condom' in the police docs]

In an email message to Eva Finné with the subject line 'condom', inspector Mats Gehlin writes 'I couldn't resist'. Here he is telling Finné about sending condoms to the state criminal lab contrary to her explicit orders.

18:30 AA closes down her blogs.

This same day, Australian ASIO responded to an inquiry from Swedish SÄPO sent two days earlier.

Two conclusions seem unavoidable.

1. The condom Anna gave the police should have been handled with gloves and pincers to avoid DNA contamination. Did she take out a new condom and cut it with scissors or a razor blade????

2. Mats Gehlin's email message, cited above, indicates that this faked condom was crucial to the reopening of the investigation by Marianne Ny only a few days later. Note that when Gehlin sends the condom to the lab, he doesn't ask them to test for DNA - he only asks them to 'check the damage'.

There's something very strange about this whole condom circus. It's obvious Marianne Ny wouldn't want this scrutinised by a court of law - it's not at all strange that she'd let the statute of limitations expire.

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