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Touchbar Macdongle

'My current MBP is my last.'

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — It wasn't an impressive - or inspiring - product rollout. Long gone are the days of Steve Jobs' epic 2007 revelation of the iPhone, a truly and staggeringly impressive project. Today was nothing of the kind, with everyone acting and feeling rather deflated.

The Big Kahuna today was the new MBP, a product very necessary for software development but a product that doesn't bring in anywhere near the revenues of Apple's mobile lineup.

Reviews of substance from mainstream pundits are still conspicuous in their absence, but the wrath of at least the MacRumors community is palatable, with very few positive comments and the negative ones able to offer intelligent insight.

Does a laptop really need yet another output device? Regarding time-tested rules of computer ergonomics, isn't a brightly lit strip right beneath the screen a bit distracting? And won't stretching to reach the 'Touch Bar' prove uncomfortable?

But there are more issues, dealing with product line compatibility and what some people at MR call 'arrogance'.

Only a few hours since the very short presentation ended, dissatisfaction seems high.

Touchbar Macdongle

There were hundreds of comments at MacRumors already within the first few hours; herewith a sampling.

They really aren't very nice looking with that MONSTER off-colored trackpad.

I think they went a little too big with that trackpad, it didn't need to be that big. For anyone that uses BetterTouchTool the bigger trackpad may actually be annoying as using trackpad corner shortcuts are now further away.

It's cool but i'm surprised they had the courage to sell it at those prices.

Totally agree and to add to your rant you also can't charge your iPhone on the MacBook Pro without an adapter, which is also completely ridiculous.

Engineered marvel? If courage is the codeword for 'utter wank', then this is courage indeed.

So Macs charge through Thunderbolt, and iPhones charge through Lightning.

You can spend another $4000 on the next generation that supports the pencil.

Starting to think Apple doesn't want to be bothered with customers or sales.

They're removing compatibility between their own products... It's crap.

I used to drool at new Apple stuff. I feel nothing today, why is that? Have I run out of Apple Kool-Aid?

No, they're becoming crap.

I guess my Wallet wasn't so ready.

YES i have Cornish guitar pedals and one Overdrive is about 800 dollars. But my guitar live sounds like the Gods.

I have all my music on a external drive, what do i do if i want to connect it?

Tim Cook, i would like to kick your arse!

I love how people work so hard to justify the fact you can't charge an iPhone from a MBP without buying a dongle by the fact that it's $19.

I better learn how to be a proficient Windows 10 user. macOS machines are going to die.

This is not about what someone can afford!

This is about Apple's ongoing self serving comments to justify their inconsistent decisions that might happen to suit them at a particular time. We don't need yet another adapter. Last month we got the new Lighting to 3.5mm adapter, so now those folks who purchased Lighting headphones now need a USB-3 to Lighting adapter to use with the new MacBook. This is lunacy.

Apple lacks a consistent and well thought-out connection interface plan between their laptops, phones, tablets, and music devices. It's a mishmash of different and incompatible standards.

3.5mm connector located as far back as possible on the right side? So the typical asymmetric headset with the cable on the left side, will have the cable running diagonally across the keyboard. Brilliant.

I'm hoping my mid 2014 256GB 13" MBP lasts a long time. I paid $1599 for it two years ago. The crippled new one is $1899, the Mac that I would consider as the parallel Mc is $2299. Nope, wouldn't spend that much.

I can think of plenty of reasons not to buy the new MacBook Pro. Among them:

'The keyboard is almost identical to the Butterfly keyboard found on the tiny MacBook.'

And $2,400 for a 15" laptop with 256 GB of storage. That is INSANE! 512 GB should be the absolute minimum sold on a 'Pro' machine!

I think their 'Touch of genius' line actually refers to themselves for having the 'courage' to ask that people fork over that much cash in return for so little. Not even one standard USB-A port?! For $2,400?! Are they effing kidding?!

The cable that the iPhone comes with can't even connect to the MacBook Pros.

Why not try the touch bar before making a decision? All first impressions say it's not distracting.

Why didn't they release the iPhone 7 with a USB-C port is beyond me. Now, I'm holding my iPhone 6S which came with a USB charging port, and all of the sudden I'll have to buy a new cable if I want it to plug in with my computer.

I think I'm going to stick with a 13' no Touch Bar model. Not because of price (it really doesn't bother me) but because I find the touch bar too distracting. I'm the 'ideal costumer' for the MacBook but I really need the second port. So the entry level MacBook Pro is the ideal computer for me right now.

But Apple really messed up this year. You had one job: got all in USB-C. Not this halfway crap that will force me to buy one of those USB-C docks + a Lightning to USB-C when I want to connect with my iPhone on the go.

Great job apple /s

These new MacBook pros are a classic example of form over function. A touchbar that requires you to look at it to be useful, diverting your eyes and hands from the useful work on the screen and keyboard/touchpad, implemented solely for the purpose of being cool rather than functional. A shallower, butterfly keyboard with poor key travel - an acceptable compromise for a much smaller/lighter device like the MacBook but a horrible sacrifice to the thin/light altar for a pro-level productivity notebook. The removal of genuinely useful features like the Magsafe power adapter, another sacrifice to an arbitrary aesthetic.

The new Surface is too expensive and only has a 2 TB hard drive.

'How dare you criticise this deeply flawed product!'

Another dongle on the pile Apple expects us to lug around to do basic things.

Ok seriously, has no one else noticed that the 13' MBP with Touch Bar can't be configured with an SSD higher than 256GB? Where's the article pointing this out and asking the important question of 'WTF Apple?'

That's the way Apple seem to be going. Their regulation and in some cases consistency long the product line is decreasing. Basically, Jony Ive has more power and he goes for form over function because he likes to challenge the idea of designing a product around its function.

4 more years of this design.

Think my 157" RMBP 2013 will be my last macbookpro then. What an absolutely crap product this is, no useful ports, horrible keyboard, thinner (why??), useless stupid looking 'touch bar', and in the UK they are now the price of a small car.*

*The basic MBP Touch Bar models come in silver or space grey and cost $1799 and $1999. The low end MBP (without Touch Bar) now costs $1499. In the UK, the prices are £1449, £1749, and £1949. At today's exchange rate in US currency, these are $1761, $2126, and $2370 - or a further hike of 17%, 18%, and 18% respectively. A final straggling MBP is available for $1299, or £1249 ($1519, 16% more) in the United Kingdom.

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