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Out of Santa's Bag!

Keep your Xmas stocking freed for all the dongles you will need!

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MACAU (Rixstep) — It's out of the bag. Santa's bag, that is. After a lacklustre Apple season of less than 'pro' Apple products, the fanbase need something to kick up their spirits and put in their gay Xmas stockings. The gift of a Rixstep software subscription is most appropriate - it takes no extra space in the stocking, leaving ample room for Apple Watches, and lots and lots of dongles!

Although not statistically verifiable at the present time, there are increasing rumours that some techies are doing more than the old, tried-and-failed, ritualistic 'tap tap tap', and some are even so bold as to tinker!

Tinkering is strictly forbidden, according to the Book of Jobs 14:19:1, especially in this silly season when we're all supposed to feel grateful for the beautiful computer with that headache-inducing Daredevil panel, or the older, more mundane, model from last year that suddenly costs $500 more. But tinker is what people of soul will do. Their spiritual lives depend on it. And in that vein, their comrades in arms at Rixstep have three very sincere holiday suggestions.

1. The ACP. The whole ball of wax. The ultimate weapons of macOS destruction. Go everywhere Apple told you that you should not go. See everything your parent or guardian frowned upon. Just do it - and have fun and experience freedom in the process.

You can browse through the entire ACP catalogue here. For the special offer at hand, you still have a good six weeks to make up your mind, so take your time, no worries.

Check what's available, and when you're ready, take the plunge. Headfirst. Don't worry: you won't hit your noggin. The waters around here have a depth of sophistication you may haven't seen before.

2. The Xfile System. Everything in the ACP that's related to file management. And inasmuch as Apple have never ever ever understood file systems (ever see their MFS) and still don't understand why a 'file system' should be an entity unto itself (legacy macOS API documentation came with reams of dire warnings of how userland apps could hose your entire computer) and are still capable of 1) freak accidents like the 'massive data loss' scandal and 2) letting ordinary innocent files overwrite entire file system hierarchies (you remember Safari build 48) then it's incumbent to get away from that mentality of non-thinking and start getting control. And nowhere else will you find tools like this to do it - or such a support network to guide you along.

3. CLIX. For the neophyte in you. For the newbie who's tried any number of rainmaker titles and come away less than satisfied and wallet-happy. CLIX is the answer to all those claims by vendors that they're going to help you maintain your system, for only a 'small fee'. (Sometimes they give you a 'free' upgrade to a 'free' product, and after 15 days, you discover it's not free at all...)

(Not to worry of course, for with Tracker, which is part of the ACP, you can see what those deceitful losers try to do to your system and stop them in their tracks.)

Ever wondered what it'd be like to use a Unix command line without using the Unix command line? Ever wondered what it'd be like to not have to rummage through miles of sticky notes and email messages to find that one Terminal command you'd like to run again? Ever wondered what it'd be like to not have to worry about trojans in hiding on your computer, waiting to pounce the next time you use that powerful command sudo? Try CLIX and find out.

What's the catch? Where's the bag?

It's not true that Xmas comes but once a year. Sometimes it's Xmas all year long.

Rixstep have a novel way of software distribution, close to that of Paul Graham's old startup with Robert Morris.

Read more here.

The gist is that Rixstep offer updates and even new applications for free to registered users. That Rixstep software products may number in the hundreds, but they have but one product, and another that's a subset thereof.

Normally there's a small fee ($10/$15 per year, paid biannually) after the first twelve months...

But these are tough times. First there was Brexit. Then there was the constitutional crisis in the US. And to make matters worse: Apple had nothing encouraging to offer MacBook Pro users, and only Sierra to offer fans of OS X.

So something must be done.

After a long partial hiatus, the boys are back in town. To celebrate this and to put smiles on your forlorn faces, that first update fee ($10/$15 per year, paid biannually) is waived for all purchases, starting now and up to but not past midnight UTC, Tuesday 31 January 2017.

So do some more Xmas window-shopping. Browse around. Check the links below. Purchase when you're ready. And by all means get CLIX now. You can't really get by without it, and you'll never find anything like it in the App Store.

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