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When Fox Fell in Love with WikiLeaks

Sean Hannity takes the obvious step and visits 3HC.

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BIG SMOKE (Rixstep) — Sean Hannity of Fox News traveled to London to interview Julian Assange. This is a three-part interview, the first part of which was transmitted 3 January.

First a preview.

Now part one of Hannity's interview.

Hannity Tweets

Sean Hannity tweeted the following in conjunction with the event.

Tonight at 10pm ET: Watch my exclusive interview with @wikileaks founder Julian Assange #Hannity
What does @wikileaks founder Julian Assange think about the Obama admin and President-Elect Trump? Find out at 10pm #Hannity
New Years Resolution; Ignoring inane, petty, ignorant, irrelevant, so called 'Media Critics' who are clueless failures and wannabes.
Tune in now for my exclusive one-on-one sit-down with @wikileaks founder Julian Assange #Hannity
Assange: 'I didn't think Donald Trump would win. I thought the establishment... would see Clinton losing and then would pile in more money'
Assange: 'We have said, repeatedly over the last two months that our source is not the Russian government and it is not a state party'
Assange: 'Did [@WikiLeaks] change the outcome [of the election]? Who knows, it's impossible to tell' #Hannity
Julian Assange: Obama admin is 'trying to delegitimise the Trump administration as it goes into the White House' #Hannity
Assange: 'There was a serious attempt to distract from the content of our publications with this Russian narrative' #Hannity
Julian Assange on President Obama and his Russia sanctions: 'He's playing games' #Hannity
Assange on Clinton emails: 'Huma Abedin had access to them, a variety of technicians at this very small IT company had access to them'
Assange: '@wikileaks has been a very strong proponent of the Freedom of Information Act'
Assange: 'My motivation... has been to publish true information that is otherwise unsayable' #Hannity
Assange: 'We are proud that there's not a single instance of anyone coming to physical harm as a result of our publications' #Hannity
Julian Assange: 'Under the Obama administration, Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein would have been prosecuted' #Hannity
Question of the Day: Who do you believe? Julian Assange or President Obama and Hillary Clinton #Hannity

The plot thickens.

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