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Love is a beautiful thing.

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BIG SMOKE (Rixstep) — If love's going to happen, it might as well happen in an embassy. What is significant is that Pamela Denise Anderson, formally titled Lady Pamela, as she's now the Imperial Countess of Gigilio, and formerly of Playboy and Baywatch and currently of PETA, not only finds the time to visit her good friend in Knightsbridge, but also so intelligently explains his situation and the forces holding him there.

In an impassioned and thorough piece entitled 'My Julian', evidently begun before her appearance on the John Bishop show, Pam starts out straight and to the point.

'Julian Assange is the most intelligent, interesting, and informed man in existence.'

She adds:

'Yes, I think he's quite sexy.'

Pam goes on to mention something noted by Jennifer Robinson and others before her.

'He has tremendous strength and stamina, though vulnerable. Hard to imagine him that way - as capable as he is. But he is up against the biggest superpowers in the world.'

So is Assange partisan? No, of course not.

'He is on the side of every civilian. And he is exposing corruption in governments we elect. People need to understand that... The truth is Julian has ruffled a few very powerful feathers who will stop at nothing to discredit him, or worse.

Onto Marianne Quixote's crusade.

'There is no rape - it is a case of condom or not. It is ridiculous.'

True, as anyone who'd read the police docs would know. And Pam says she's read them. They're the exact same documents submitted to the Swedish court to obtain an arrest warrant. Those docs were likely not read by the court, but they remain the basis of the warrant.

[Anyone who deigns to support or aims to detract from Assange should read those docs before uttering another word either pro or con. And thereby avoid being branded the fool. Through her busy globetrotting schedule, Lady Pamela Denise Anderson seems to have found the time.]

But how about dealing with world crises?

'The only way to deal with the big bully on the playground is for someone brave to stand up to them. Make them realise they are just like everyone else, no matter how big they think they are, where they live, or economic status - and show them that their usual controlling and abusive scare tactics don't work.'

Then this. This has true impact.

'The more we know, the safer we are. There are no secrets anymore.'

Let that sink in.

Pam was on John Bishop's new show last night. She found time to change from all-white to all-black before scooting over to Knightsbridge, but unfortunately the Daily Mail could not offer their customary fashion tips for their avid readers!

Seriously though: Lady Pamela Denise Anderson is making a difference. She's well known, well liked, and works well in any country or culture. The more she speaks out about matters such as these, the more likely Sweden will find and gather up its collective tail between its wobbly legs, toss out their abhorrent Jante Law tablets, and find a comfy place to hide.

Postscript: Lady Pam's Cha-Cha and More

An extra special treat. Dancing with the Stars from 2010.

An eloquent Pam on the stilted Norwegian-Swedish 'Skavlan' back in 2014.

Pam's recent visit to RT's Going Underground.

The time Pam let herself be upended by Richard Branson.

Photos from her ladyship's ceremony.

The truth is a powerful and wonderful thing.
 - Pam Anderson
Love is a beautiful thing.
 - F Cavalieri / E Brigati
I will always stand by my Julian.
 - Pam Anderson

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