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Milla's Story

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SWEDEN (Rixstep) — The emergence of police inspector Peter Springare into the public debate has caused quite the sensation. Here we have a dutiful individual who works selflessly all his life in the public interest - and finally can't stand it anymore. So he chose to speak out - crime went ballistic in the Scandinavian utopia, and it's not the drinking water that's changed things.

Peter stresses that he doesn't blame the recent wave of immigration - he blames the current government for mismanaging a difficult situation. More, and perhaps much worse, is the indirect implication that the current government, along with their appointees and allies in the media, have tried to cover things up.

One of the unofficially official excuses is that they don't want to engender a xenophobic climate. More tangible is that the 'powers that be' don't want the citizenry to know just how bad they've fucked up, and continue to fuck up.

Both the government and the media have done everything to silence and neutralise Peter Springare. Things started by filing a blank police complaint against him. No allegations were specified, but a prosecutor was tasked with finding something on him.

Nothing could be found.

Another phony investigation is underway. But at the same time, Swedes have formed a 'Peter Springare Support Group' as they too are sick and tired of the situation. The group, located on Facebook, has hundreds of thousands of members.

Dan Eliasson

At the heart of the controversy is one Dan Eliasson, a pet government appointee and reportedly a personal friend of the current prime minister, who was able to move from failure to failure, always protected. From 2007 to 2011, Eliasson was the head of the Migration Authority, then took over the national health service, and finally in 2014 became the highest ranking policeman in the country, this despite not being a policeman.

It is on Eliasson's head Sweden's had the coverup of the rapes in Stockholm parks, and the globally risible idea to equip preteen Swedish girls with plastic armbands saying 'please don't rape me'. Dan Eliasson may be hated, but he's untouchable.

And so it continues.

Milla's Story

The story of Milla Ljungberg exemplifies the situation. Her story was posted to the Peter Springare Support Group at 4 AM yesterday. It follows in its entirely.

Milla's story is immediately recognisable by everyone.

Last night something happened that I never thought would happen to me. On my way home from town I was chased by 5-6 most likely African men who shouted after me. Whore! Cunt! And other things in their language. As luck would have it, I had my bike and stayed 15 seconds ahead of them and could lock myself in my cellar. They stayed outside and banged on the door a while before going away. I rang my neighbour who came down and rescued me from the laundry room.

It takes 15 minutes for me to walk home from work. But last night it went a lot faster. So impressive they were able to run so fast. But now I don't dare go out myself anymore. What would have happened to me if I'd not had my bike?

Celebrity Kat Janouch was recently attacked in the Swedish media for admitting she doesn't feel safe going outdoors in evenings anymore. And Kat doesn't live in the dodgy suburbs: she lives, with her family, in Stockholm's supposedly safe inner city.

Thirty percent of Swedish women admit they're afraid to go outdoors alone. Katie Hopkins recently met a woman in Sweden who's now too afraid to go out at all.

At the same time, freelance journalist Tim Pool recently found that the greatest fear amongst Swedes was repercussions if they dared speak out about their terror.

There's no reason for Sweden to be unsafe, even today. There's no excuse for a situation where women are terrified of being outdoors.

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