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Who's Doing the Brainwashing in Sweden?

SVT's media control up close.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Opportunists waiting to drink at the trough are in trouble in Norway, and have been in trouble for some time, but their counterparts in Sweden are sitting nicely indeed. The public outrage that closed down taxpayer-financed pseudoscience in Norway will not be allowed to surface in Sweden. Sweden's 'Big Sister' media - working for the 'world's first feminist government', aka 'humanitarian superpower', won't allow it. In a world where truth's more and more common and more and more decisive, Sweden goes the other way.


Back in 2010, over seven years ago, Ole-Martin Ihle and comedian Harald Eia put together the Norwegian television series Hjernevask (Brainwash). The series poked into the lucrative 'Gender Industrial Complex', interviewing luminaries such as Cambridge University's Simon Baron-Cohen, David Buss, and Anne Campbell.

The series was an enormous critical and viewer success, given a rating of 5/5 by VG, Dagbladet, and Aftenposten's readership. Harald Eia was given the Norwegian Freedom of Speech Award. The 'Nordic Gender Institute', financed up to then by taxpayers, saw operations summarily closed down by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Seven Years Ago

All that was seven years ago. The obvious followup question is: what happened to Sweden? And up to a week or so ago, that's been a mystery. The Gender Industrial Complex is big business. (Just ask Claes Borgström.) And people like that don't go down without a fight. Here's what Stephen Black of Bishop's University wrote back in 2011 about the series.

'Here's the background. A well-known comedian in Norway, Harald Eia, has produced a documentary on the biological bases of gender differences. Called 'Brainwashed', it was shown on Norwegian public television (the NRK), where it was watched by much of the country. It created a huge controversy. Its burden is that while many experts outside Norway have concluded that gender differences are substantially genetic in origin, those in Norway, that most egalitarian of countries, reject this conclusion. They instead claim that this question is uninteresting, morally suspect, and it's all due to culture and upbringing anyway. Really!

'Eia brilliantly shows them to be sadly misinformed (a euphemism for a less charitable descriptor). He chases around various countries, consulting people like Robert Plomin, Steven Pinker, Simon Baron-Cohen, Richard Lippa, David Buss, Simon LeVay, Richard Nisbett, and Judith Harris. Also Norwegian experts. He shows them what each said about the other, and asks for responses. Their reactions are revealing.

'This is a great documentary.'

So why not show it in Sweden? The answer should be obvious.


This story has nothing to do with Assange - the series aired months before his return to Sweden in August 2010 - but the two are nevertheless intertwined. Students of history may remember a number of choice tidbits about the fate of the hacktivist.

Such as the hit piece at Anna Ardin's Rebella Blog which changed almost daily. Such as the remake of the excellent WikiRebels documentary, the airing of which forced the producers to cancel their social media accounts and go underground. Such as the diabolical 'talk about it' campaign which intentionally tried to smear Assange. Such as the countless other incidents, including numerous examples of media blackout and media distraction, and incidents, too numerous to mention, of Marianne Ny playing games with the courts and the media. Residents of Tanzania know more about the Assange case than Swedes.

Who's in Control?

Who's in control at Sweden's state media? Polls show that 80% of those working at SVT and SR support either the leftist party or the green party, who together in the parliament represent 1/10 of the public mandate. Most support is reportedly for the green party, who coincidentally have made a spectacle of themselves of late - they're responsible for that embarrassing jab at Donald Trump, followed by their walk of shame in Tehran.

But those who work at SVT have dug in their heels. When Tim Pool recently visited the country, they tried to brand him as associating with 'extremists'. A whistleblower in the care sector was persecuted by them. And national treasure Kat Janouch had five members of their staff working (in vain) to find 'dirt' on her.

Such is Sweden's state media. Not exactly 'public service'.

David Eberhard

David Eberhard is a popular public speaker in Sweden. He's also worked with psychiatry most of his life, and is the author of several books such as 'In the Land of the Security Addicts', 'Nobody Takes Shit in the Land of the Easily Offended', and 'How the Children Took Over'.

On 5 April, Eberhard posted an article at his site: 'Gender Nonsense and SVT'. The article was prompted by another article he'd published at SVT's 'Opinion' website section. In this new article, Eberhard cites the types of backlash that people can encounter.

'I was very anxious when I wrote that, after the witch hunt several years ago against Pär Ström. Pär was forced out of the public arena by numerous personal attacks... The same thing happened to Annica Dahlström, our professor in neurobiology, after she released her book 'Gender's in the Brain'. And most recently it's been Paolo Roberto who made the Instagram joke 'boobs prove men can focus on two things at once' - a joke that Gudrun Schyman seriously claims will lead to an outbreak of rape.'

Eberhard continues.

'It's an aggressive mob who take to personal attacks when someone's views don't align with the Gender Mafia. So it matters little that all scientific research shows that the differences between the sexes are real and evident at a very early age. It matters little that there are mountains of facts to counter the simplistic idea that gender is about some gender power structure. It matters little that the erroneous report of differences in pay between men and women are not 13% as one can read in most radical feminist publications (including our state bureau of statistics) but actually 2%. This is easy to research: you can check Pär Ström's 'Six Feminist Myths'.

And more:

'What's interesting here is how difficult it is to get a nuanced picture into the media. In 2010, Norwegian NRK showed Hjernevask, and it was a complete success... But Swedes seem unaware of this. Here in Sweden we have so-called 'researchers' making 'analyses from a gender perspective' of trains and radioactive waste, as if nothing happened. And we pay their salaries with our taxes.

'But things didn't have to be that way. Already a couple of years after Hjernevask, journalist Erik Hörstadius and I completed a draft to a Swedish television series on the same theme. We had the backing of the famed producer Karin af Klintberg. Together we went to SVT to plan our own Hjernevask show.

'We were met with a total lack of interest. We were told that viewers weren't interested in such things. And they couldn't have 'opinionated' programmes in public service.

'Of course we thought that was strange. There was nothing opinionated about such a series. The series would be about knowledge gleaned from universities in other countries, universities such as Harvard and Oxford. A presentation of irrefutable scientific research from the leading international institutions. We were surprised because this was important research which had been withheld from the Swedish people.

'We tried modifying our presentation for SVT, but nothing helped. We were better prepared for our next visit. But they told us right away that our programme was not suitable for 'public service'. This despite the huge success when shown on Norwegian public service television.

'So one has to wonder...'

One Week Later

On 12 April, one week later, Eberhard posted the followup 'Hjernevask and SVT'. What happened now was that the original producer of Hjernevask, Ole-Martin Ihle, contacted him.


'Interesting article about your attempts to pitch a Hjernevask-like programme on SVT. I'm co-creator of Hjernevask together with Harald Eia. Following the success in Norway, we were actually in contact with SVT about creating a variant - and we were met with the same rejection as you.

'So now you know. :)'

Eberhard winds up.

'So it doesn't help who makes the pitch to SVT, it doesn't help even if it's the people who created the original Hjernevask.

'The Swedish people continue to live totally unaware of the scientific underpinnings that men and women are actually different. Of course the great majority of us already know this to be true... It's only those blinded by ideology and religious indoctrination who can't see that. A sign, as good as any, that Sweden's founder of 'gender science', Yvonne Hirdman, isn't an Albert Einstein.

'You know what I mean...'


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'As the mother of four, I use David Eberhard's books like a bible.'
 - Magdalena Graaf

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