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Sweden's Assange Investigation to Close?

The beginning of the end?

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Swedish attorney Per E Samuelson thinks the country's prosecution authority will close its case against Julian Assange, now that US attorney-general Jeff Sessions, incorrectly described as secretary of state by Swedish media, has confirmed that the arrest of Assange is a 'priority'.

'The prosecution authority has previously claimed that Assange is hiding in an embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden', Samuelson told state radio. 'It's now proven that he was right to protect himself from the US.'

Earlier information that the US investigated Assange came from anonymous sources, but now the new US attorney-general Jeff Sessions confirmed that it's a 'priority' to arrest and prosecute Assange and others who leak or publish confidential material.

'Yes, it's a priority', Sessions said. 'We're redoubling our efforts and if possible want to put some individuals behind bars.'

But Karin Rosander, prosecution authority spokesperson, says the Sessions statement has no bearing on the Swedish case.

Assange was interviewed in November 2016 by an Ecuador prosecutor in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has resided since 2012. The protocols of that interview have now been translated into Swedish, according to the prosecution authority's website.

'The prosecutor will now consider further procedures to expedite the investigation', Karin Rosander says. 'But it's not possible to say which procedures or how long it will take.'

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