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Been a long time coming. (Three years.) At last it's here.

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LONDON (Rixstep) — It took three years, but finally it's here.


John Lettice once said that the best way to explain something may be to not explain it. Such is the case with Rixtag. Yet once you 'get it', it'll feel like the most natural and obvious thing in the world.

The world's been creeping closer all along, but no one's gone and given enough thought to what it means.

One Year, Ten Months

Just the conceptualisation of Rixtag took nearly two years. Design after design started looking good, only to fall short of making the circle complete. Yet the need was out there, and what was otherwise mostly heard was 'crickets'.

Rixtag is a hybrid of Xfile and Xscan, with industrial strength file management and file search functionality.

But more: Rixtag makes it possible to 'tag' any file - or directory - with an arbitrary tag.

A tag is a character string. Using any character set at all. Of any length at all.

Any number of tags can be applied to any file at all. File or directory.

The trick - the 'aha' - comes when you want to search for something. Fire up Rixtag, set your expression and search root as with Xscan, and go for it. Results in seconds.

Click a tag on the left, and immediately see what files have that tag on the right.

Private Alpha

This first release of Rixtag - as of 19 June 2017 - is complete in that it's fully functional, has ostensibly zero bugs, and demonstrably zero leaks. Available starting now for registered ACP and Xfile clients.

But many features are planned, which will be implemented in accordance with client wishes and suggestions.

Count on competition. Count on copycats. But now it's out there. And computer users need to address the next big obstacle in computer use.

Too many files!

I'm finding this useful already - and we still don't have the super-duper features for bulk management!

Just imagine: you can go through an archive of photos, you can react to them immediately, put whatever description you want on them.

Option-Cmd-I, type something in - anything at all - and hit Enter. Type some more, and some more, and some more... And when you're through, hit Cmd-. and it's done.

Brilliant, utterly brilliant. Who thought of this? ;)

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