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Niklas Svensson Behind Secret Media Campaigns?

The star reporter for Expressen denies any wrongdoing.

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MARIEBERG (Rixstep) — Niklas Svensson: by far the best paid journo in Sweden. He's the one who elbowed into the original Assange story, only to later apologise. He's previously been convicted of data intrusion. Now he's suspected of running campaigns on Flashback against his competition.

Someone with the moniker 'Djupkälla' ('Deep Source' or perhaps 'Deep Throat') has been attacking former Aftonbladet editor Anders Gerdin. (This dates back many many years.) One key revelation comes via a database originally leaked to Aftonbladet. Another key revelation comes from the way Flashback accounts are registered: applicants must supply a valid email address - that address is needed to complete forum registration.

For some inexplicable reason, Svensson is to have used an address that can be directly tied to him.

Many of the Flashback discussions with 'Djupkälla' are about his newspaper's foremost competitor, Aftonbladet. In one thread, 'Djupkälla' discloses the home phone number of columnist Fredrik Virtanen.

Some of the gems posted by 'Djupkälla':

'Looking for private information on Anders Gerdin [former editor of Aftonbladet]. They say he's the proverbial bull. Both female summer apprentices and married women end up underneath him in bed. The one he's doing now - he picked her up at work too. They were discovered in the middle of the night at a managerial conference - she yelled so loud that everybody in the hotel woke up.'

'Metro is a piece of shit newspaper.'


Svensson denies having anything to do with this activity. 'I have no idea what this is about. I don't have an account at Flashback, and I don't know anything about any Djupkälla.'

But several people who've had access to the same database attest to having seen Svensson listed there.

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