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APPLE PARK (Rixstep) — The seance begins with the Beatles, the full version of John Lennon's clever 'All You Need is Love', written for the landmark 'Our World' broadcast to some 400 million worldwide. You know, the ditty with that odd 3/4 bar (or was it 7/8) which he puts in there at precisely the right points, and where Paul shouts 'She Loves You' at the end.

That show was supposed to be live, but the Beatles and Martin had already recorded, so they included a glimpse of a tape deck as a hint. In attendance was, amongst others, Mick Jagger, seated on the floor at their feet. No one worried about the symbolism.

About five seconds of darkness followed the track in the Steve Jobs Theater, then a few words in white appear on the big black screen. Then is heard the voice of Steve Jobs, and then is seen a photograph of him. Tim Cook takes to the stage, to welcome everyone to the new Steve Jobs Theater.


'Something's transmitted there', said Steve.

'I love hearing his voice', says Tim, wiping a tear from his eye.

Quite a lot has already been written about this theatre. Here are a few links.

Mercury News: Apple's new Steve Jobs Theater is expected to be a major reveal of its own
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The presentation is two hours long. It's understandable if you don't want to endure. What's readily apparent more than ever is that this company doesn't have a new corporate leader to obviate and replace the older one. Tim Cook is a very good man, but he's not trying to become a new Steve Jobs. Tim wants Apple and the world to live on under Steve's smile.

If you want to see what Apple announced, go here:


He's the list of announcements:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • WATCH
  • tv 4K
  • iOS 11
  • watchOS 4

No 'macOS'. No new computers.

We've already lost the powerhouses that put Apple on the map amongst the most powerful supercomputers in the world. The current 'top of the line' stationary meets with strange looks. The laptops require a carry-on bag of dongles.

But hey, Apple have the biggest market cap in the world. And their cash cow is iPhone, which makes something like 2/3 of their revenues. Their computer sales are squeezed into that last 1/3, along with so many other things.

No Computer

It was just over ten years ago that Steve first announced iPhone in a keynote that's deservedly gone down into history as one of the best ever. He and Apple literally changed the mobile market forever. They found a way to shove the 'thin end of the wedge' in a market where the carriers dictated the hardware specs. The world hasn't been the same.

MacMuppets Cabel and John talked afterwards, perplexed that 'Mac' was disappearing from the OS name, and noticing that 'Computer' was gone from the corporate name. Apple's basic OS project is iOS today. That's where all the development takes place. Anyone still working on the computer OS gets the crumbs from the iPhone table.

You still can't program on an iPhone. Even on an iPad it's difficult.

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