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Facebook Sweden Shuts Down Katerina Janouch

Stasi resurfaced. This is not a drill.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — First Jonas Andersson, now Katerina Janouch: both have been shut down by Facebook Sweden for carrying a satirical article.

The article in question, originally written by Jonas Andersson, was a superlative take on what's happened to Sweden's corrupt media - on the way talking points and other devices are used to disguise and sugar-coat the at times awful truth.

Naturally a snowflake reported the original. But Kat got a copy and reproduced it yesterday.


This site promptly translated and published as well.


But someone put a link to Katerina's own website into her Facebook feed, and VIPS! Kat's Facebook page has now been shut down too.

Jonas Andersson adds that Katerina's shares and links have been removed as well.

Please spread these links - especially Katerina's in Sweden - and please make your anger heard with Facebook.

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