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Concerns about criminality in Sweden

Crime is on the rise in the former Scandinavian utopia.

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TEGNÉRGATAN (Rixstep) — Swedes are increasingly worried about the rise in criminality today. Women worry significantly more than men, and their greatest worries are about having their homes burglarised and/or being physically attacked. This according to the new National Safety Survey (NTU) published by Sweden's Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ).

Almost one third of the Swedish people (29%) are greatly worried about the rise in crime. This is an increase from 25% last year.

'Women, to a greater extent than men, tell us they're concerned', says Åsa Strid. 'But both women and men are increasingly concerned.'

In 2017, 20% of those surveyed said they were worried about being burglarised. This concern is more prevalent with women (23%) than with men (17%). Concern about being physically accosted shows a greater disparity.

As regards the fear of going outdoors in the evenings in one's own neighbourhood: 30% of women surveyed say they're hesitant, and some of them are so terrified that they don't go out at all.

The NTU survey is based on interviews with 12,000 individuals between 16 and 79 years of age. This survey has been conducted by BRÅ since 2006.

It all depends who says it

When interviewed by Czech television one year ago, Katerina Janouch said that she had the same impression. Yet she was summarily smeared by Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven, setting in motion a hate campaign against the popular author, with libraries refusing to carry her children's books, her publisher begging her to issue a retraction, and so forth.

Facts have of course proven Katerina Janouch was right, but PM Stefan Löfven has yet to issue an apology, even as criminality continues to be on the rise, with types of criminal activity never before seen in the former utopia: gang rapes, attacks on police stations, attacks on hospital ERs, and worse.

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