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A new book by Katerina Janouch arriving at the end of next month. May the mighty tremble.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Katerina Janouch is one of Sweden's most famous (and most loved and respected) authors.

With her name on over 60 books, Katerina, whose family fled after the Prague Spring, once again found her life topsy-turvy, as Sweden of 2017 started bearing an uncanny resemblance to her 'old country' Czechoslovakia some fifty years earlier.

It all started when she was interviewed by Czech television on a visit to Prague. She was asked how things were going (deteriorating) in Sweden, and she told the truth. She's frightened - for her personal safety, for the safety of her children.

Sweden's PM didn't like that. Disregarding his ethics of office which should prevent him from commenting on the ways of individual citizens, he came out and said, no more and no less, that he didn't share her assessment of the situation in Sweden.

And that was enough.

But what no one counted on was how Katerina would react - not by cowering but by coming back guns a-blazing.

The past year has been a roller coaster ride for Katerina and her hundreds of thousands of fans. She's become one of the country's foremost champions of free speech. And now her personal account of 2017 is about to see the light of day.

From her Facebook page today:

I'm finally finished with my autobiographical book on Sweden which arrives on 28 February, and which can now be ordered online. And how I've worked - it's been a lot! And now it will see the light of day. Of course it's a big blow to our prevaricating establishment. All the names are there. And I tell it like it is - when my life was turned topsy-turvy after my interview on Czech television in January last year...

But I need your help. I'm guessing that our bookstores won't be placing huge orders. Most of them won't want to touch it. And I don't have the money to start a PR or marketing campaign. So we'll have to use some good old guerrilla marketing methods on social media. If you can preorder online, there's a chance it'll make the bestseller lists - and that would be fantastic! And maybe then the bookstores would relent. And the libraries too! I'd also love it if you could visit your local bookstores and libraries and just ask for my book...

So put simply: talk about it, share the link, order it, buy it for your friends (and perhaps those who are 'PC' are the ones who should first get a copy).

The book arrives on 28 February, and I thank you, my dear readers: all aboard for my personal voyage through Sweden!


From the booksellers page:

Media attacks that lay waste and destroy. Intrigues, gossip, and friends that betray. Smearing and outright lies, in an increasingly hostile environment. Clashes with net activists, violent social media battles. Players who hunger for power. Unscrupulous careerists prepared to sacrifice integrity for political gain.

Is this an imaginative thriller from Hollywood? Not at all. It's only the consequences of an apparently harmless Czech television interview where author Katerina Janouch on 9 January 2017 gave her picture of Sweden.

Those consequences are unprecedented in Swedish media history.

'I committed the cardinal sin of painting a dark picture of our Humanitarian Superpower, and I paid a high price. Many might wonder if it was worth it? The answer is an unequivocal 'yes'. The mere thought of living in a lie makes me panic. I don't understand how anyone can put up with that, keep quiet, when one sees one's country falling apart. I try to effect change by speaking out about the things I see. Lying only makes it worse - our politicians are living proof of that.'

Katerin's book should be out in an English version later this spring.

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