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Last Night in the United States

Epic, says Hanif Bali. If you knew half the shit, says 'Angry Foreigner'.

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WASHINGTON (Rixstep) — Sweden's prime minister Stefan Löfven met in the US capital with Donald Trump. It was mostly a disaster, although Swedish media are not likely to portray it as such.

To make matters worse, a reporter from Sweden was duped into embarrassing herself at the official photo shoot.

'Epic!' said parliamentarian Hanif Bali on Twitter. 'A Swedish journo makes a fool of herself, breaks etiquette, starts screaming questions at Trump in a room full of quiet journalists, gets hushed by Trump, and her studio's comment?'

'Good work!'

Loudest Voice in the Oval Office

What happened, if you watch the clip and understand what Ann Tiberg says, is that she got trolled by the other reporters, who told her 'the way these things work is whoever shouts the fastest and the loudest gets the president's attention'.

Swedes found the affair cringeworthy.

'Was it Jim Acosta who told her to do that?'
'So it was the [Swedish] journalist who couldn't keep quiet? I was wondering who got cautioned by the President.'
'Swedish journos - what noobs.'
'I can't bear to watch, but I understand how embarrassing it must have been. It not enough we shame ourselves with the amoeba Löfven.'
'Pathetic Swedish media in a nutshell! They think they're really classy, but they make fools of themselves every time.'
'Why does Löfven have that shit-eating grin? He looks like a smitten schoolboy.'
'I'm ashamed for my country. Again.'
'She got trolled by a colleague.'
'Swedish trash out in the big world.'
'She didn't understand the etiquette? It's called research. Something that happens all the time in professional circles.'

No No-Go Zones?

But now it was time for the prime minister to make an fool of himself.

Trump began by reaffirming that he'd been right a year ago about the formerly exemplary country. The New York Times just admitted it two days ago. But now Löfven launched into a denial of it all. There are no no-go zones - even though the official count by the Crime Council has it at 53 as of only a few weeks ago.

And so forth.

Something that must have enraged many a Swede: they've been waiting for the hapless and ineffective Löfven to do something, as the situation is essentially out of control, and more so for each passing day.

Last Night in Sweden

One year ago, Donald Trump asked about Sweden. Smug politicians and journos ridiculed him - and when Tim Pool came to check it out, they tried to destroy him. 'Sweden creeps me out', said Pool.

Tumblr as a Country

'Sweden is what Tumble would look like if it was a country', said vlogger 'Angry Foreigner' in his most famous clip. A year ago, he found reason to review his earlier claims. Now the whole world knows.

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