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SWEDEN: Katerina on the Ticket

'Together we can change things.'

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — It all started just over a year ago. Katerina Janouch was on a visit to her country of birth, and was invited on television for an interview.

Katerina told it like it is, something you're not supposed to do in Sweden. She immediately incurred the wrath of the powerful Bonnier family, who set out to destroy her.

But they should have known better than to mess with Katarina.

A famous relations expert and author of children's books, Katerina turned overnight into a force they couldn't handle.

Now Katerina's tossed her hat into the ring. She'll be running in the coming elections on the ticket of the Citizens' Coalition (Medborgerlig Samling). Following is her announcement.

'The Swedish people are betrayed by our politicians - I want to change that'

By Katerina Janouch.

I can't stand it seeing women and girls suffer. I can't stand seeing old people harmed. It drives me crazy to seeing our taxes wasted, and the people in power behaving so arrogantly, turning their backs on their fellow citizens. I don't want to live in a country that claims to be a democracy but where people are completely terrified of criticising political decisions, because we don't have real freedom of speech. This is why I'm entering politics. For I know that one voice can change a lot. And we know this from our own history.

Citizens' Coalition

I'm asked why I chose to give my support to the Citizens' Coalition, it's such a small party. I tell them you have to start somewhere. The established parties have clearly demonstrated they are unable of carrying out their jobs. The red-green constellation that controls Sweden is leading us straight into the abyss. The Alliance had many chances to stop it, but they haven't acted. They don't know how. And while the well-paid politicians continue to chitchat, people are hurting. Groups are pitted against one another in a way that's unprecedented. This is not a Sweden I recognise. No, in the middle class oasis in Stockholm's inner city, where most media people live and work, of course, Sweden's crisis is not as clear as it is in the smaller villages where the systemic collapse is alarming. In the still prosperous inner city, the beautiful people sit and drink coffee and shop and hang out with each other as if the reality of the rest of didn't affect them in the slightest. But their idyllic world is not shared by ordinary people.

Destruction of Stockholm

I know it's challenging to get involved. I know it's tough. But I have no choice. I have children and grandchildren and sick parents. I myself am a woman, and feel a great solidarity with other women whose lives have changed for the worse. But I also suffer with all honest, hard-working working, caring men, who are demonised in their own country as if they were the pariah and expected to shoulder responsibility for all the misery in the world. I don't want it so. Therefore: merely writing and talking is no longer enough. I want to act. And I know it can work. My support group on Facebook, Stand Up for Katerina Janouch, today has over 17,000 members. The Greens have only 10,000. My group is almost twice the size of that of the Greens! All the while the Greens have inflicted cataclysmic damage on Swedish society and destroyed the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Blowtorches up their backsides

Together we have managed to change the course on several important issues. We've stopped the potentially cataclysmic constitutional proposal which would have stifled freedom of information and freedom of speech. We've created opinion against the mosques. We've got public service television SVT to change their policy on covering the singing of the graduates' song. And we got the National Board of Health and Welfare to withdraw their revolting brochure on how to adjust to childhood marriages. We are a blowtorch up the arrogant backsides of those in power.

Power to the people

Today the Swedish people are being betrayed by those who are supposed to represent them. By politicians who get their salary paid by taxpayers. I want to change that. I want to give back power to the people. That's why I'm getting involved.

Together we can change things.

[Note: Katerina Janouch is not a member of Citizens' Coalition, but will run as an independent candidate on their ballot. Ed.]

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