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Mojave .2

A look at the third release of macOS 10.14.

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TAORMINA (Rixstep) — Apple's OS updates come at different times. Not so much based on geographical location either.

Whatever: 10.14.2 is now available for some machines. And we tracked it.

The entire process took under 30 minutes, including both the download and the full system scan.

  Stop: Sun Dec  9 02:46:03 2018
 Start: Sun Dec  9 02:18:46 2018
 Scans: /

The usual 'skips' were omitted. All things considered, that was unnecessary. We don't need to see what's happened to 'ULAT' during that time (it'll be excessive, that's all we need to know).

62,180 items were modified by the 10.14.2 download, and 124,686 items were accessed.

Following is a cursory look at what transpired with Mojave 10.14.2.


The following applications in /Applications (/Applications/Utilities) were modified by 10.14.2.

Activity Monitor, AirPort Utility, App Store, Audio MIDI Setup, Automator, Bluetooth File Exchange, Books, Boot Camp Assistant, Calculator, Calendar, Chess, ColorSync Utility, Console, Contacts, Dashboard, Dictionary, Digital Color Meter, Disk Utility, FaceTime, Font Book, Grapher, Home, Image Capture, iTunes, Keychain Access, Launchpad, Mail, Maps, Messages, Migration Assistant, Mission Control, News, Notes, Photo Booth, Photos, Preview, QuickTime Player, Reminders, Reminders/Contents, Safari, Screenshot, Script Editor, Siri, Stickies, Stocks, System Information, System Preferences, Terminal, TextEdit, Time Machine, VoiceMemos, VoiceOver Utility.


The following widgets in /Library/Widgets were updated.

Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Dictionary, Movies, Stickies, Stocks, Tile Game, Unit Converter, Weather, World Clock.

iOS Frameworks

The new subdirectory to /System had 807 modifications, including updates to the following bundles in /System/iOSSupport/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks.

Accessibility, AccessibilityPlatformTranslation, AccessibilityUtilities, AddressBookLegacy, AppSupportUI, AssistantServices, AuthKitUI, AXMediaUtilities, AXMediaUtilitiesService.xpc, AXRuntime, BaseBoardUI, CorePDF, DocumentManager, DocumentManagerCore, EventKitUI, FrontBoard, FrontBoardUIServices, HMFoundation, Home, HomeKit, HomeUI, IntlPreferences, ManagedConfiguration, MessageSupport, MIME, MobileIcons, MobileTimer, MobileTimerUI, NanoRegistry, NetAppsUtilitiesUI, News/Tea, News/TeaActivities, News/TeaFoundation, News/TeaSettings, News/TeaUI, NewsAnalyticsUpload, NewsCore, NewsDaemon, NewsFeedLayout, NewsFoundation, NewsServicesInternal, NewsTransport, NewsUI, OnBoardingKit, PersonaUI, RemoteConfiguration, RTTUI, Silex, SilexText, SilexVideo, Stocks, Stocks/AppAnalytics, Stocks/NewsArticles, Stocks/NewsFeed, Stocks/Snappy, Stocks/StocksAnalytics, Stocks/StocksCore, Stocks/StocksUI, Stocks/TeaActivities, Stocks/TeaCharts, Stocks/TeaDB, Stocks/TeaFoundation, Stocks/TeaSettings, Stocks/TeaTemplate, Stocks/TeaUI, TSReading, TSUtility, UIAccessibility, UIKitCore, UIKitServices, VoiceMemos, Weather, WeatherFoundation, WebCore, WebInspector, WebKitLegacy, XCTAutomationSupport.

Core Services

The following modules in /System/Library/CoreServices were updated.

AddPrinter.app, AddressBookUrlForwarder.app, AirPlayUIAgent.app, AOS.bundle/Contents, AppleFileServer.app, AppleGraphicsWarning.app, AppleScript Utility.app, Applications/About This Mac.app, Applications/Archive Utility.app, Applications/Directory Utility.app, Applications/DVD Player.app, Applications/Feedback Assistant.app, Applications/Folder Actions Setup.app, Applications/Network Utility.app, Applications/RAID Utility.app, Applications/Screen Sharing.app, Applications/Storage Management.app, Applications/System Image Utility.app, Applications/Wireless Diagnostics.app, Automator Installer.app, AVB Audio Configuration.app, backupd.bundle, Bluetooth Setup Assistant.app, BluetoothUIServer.app, CalendarFileHandler.app, Captive Network Assistant.app, CarbonSpellChecker.bundle, Certificate Assistant.app, cloudphotosd.app, CommonCocoaPanels.bundle, ControlStrip.app, CoreLocationAgent.app, CoreServicesUIAgent.app, CoreTypes.bundle/Contents, Database Events.app, DiscHelper.app, DiskImageMounter.app, Dock.app, Dwell Control.app, EscrowSecurityAlert.app, Expansion Slot Utility.app, Finder.app, FolderActionsDispatcher.app, Games.app, HelpViewer.app, iCloud.app, IconsetResources.bundle/Contents, Image Events.app, Install Command Line Developer Tools.app, Install in Progress.app, Installer Progress.app, Installer.app, InstallerStatusNotifications.bundle, Jar Launcher.app, Java Web Start.app, KernelEventAgent.bundle, KeyboardSetupAssistant.app, Keychain Circle Notification.app, Language Chooser.app, LocationMenu.app, loginwindow.app, ManagedClient.app, Memory Slot Utility.app, MLTEFile.bundle, MRT.app, NetAuthAgent.app, NotificationCenter.app, NowPlayingTouchUI.app, NowPlayingWidgetContainer.app, OBEXAgent.app, ODSAgent.app, OSDUIHelper.app, Paired Devices.app, Pass Viewer.app, Photo Library Migration Utility.app, PIPAgent.app, PowerChime.app, powerd.bundle, Problem Reporter.app, RapportUIAgent.app, RawCamera.bundle, RawCameraSupport.bundle, rcd.app, RegisterPluginIMApp.app, RemoteManagement/AppleVNCServer.bundle, RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app, RemoteManagement/ScreensharingAgent.bundle, RemoteManagement/SSMenuAgent.app, ReportPanic.app, screencaptureui.app, ScreenSaverEngine.app, Script Menu.app, ScriptMonitor.app, Search.bundle, Siri.app, Siri.bundle, SocialPushAgent.app, Software Update.app, Spotlight.app, Stocks.app, System Events.app, SystemAppearance.bundle, SystemUIServer.app, ThermalTrap.app, Ticket Viewer.app, TimeZoneUpdates.bundle, TypographyPanel.bundle, UIKitSystem.app, UniversalAccessControl.app, UnmountAssistantAgent.app, UserNotificationCenter.app, VoiceOver.app, Weather.app, WiFiAgent.app.

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