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XaBatch Nighttime

Getting rid of the creepy crawlies.

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LONDON (Rixstep) — There are some who claim only last year (ahem) that they have the first and only 'XA' utility for macOS. Sorry to disappoint, but Rixstep have had an ARMADA of XA-related utilities for almost fifteen years.

XaBatch is one, speeding through nearly 95,000 files in just one minute.

What's it after?

What's XaBatch after? Keeping your machine clean, of course. The above video shows XaBatch rummaging through some 95,000 files (in one minute flat) looking for the following (unwelcome) extended attributes.


And there can be more. It's up to you. You decide what's to be removed (or what's to be added, if that suits your fancy).

Just set a '+' or '-' in the first field, followed by the extended attribute you want gone (alternately, if you want to add an extended attribute, that second field is to the file path where XaBatch can pick it up).

XaBatch follows on the command-line administrative utility xabatch, and yes, they've all been around since OS X Tiger 10.4.

And that's about fifteen years ago.

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