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No Apple Store in Stockholm

Apple reps in a rage.

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SJU SEKEL (Rixstep) — After three years of haggling, and after purchasing prime real estate in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, Apple will be pulling out of earlier plans to build an Apple Store.

The location wasn't just any location either: it's at the top of the King's Garden which runs along a sombre banking street, leads to the idyllic wharf with the luxury Grand Hôtel on the one side, the royal castle and the Old Town off a bit on the other, the department store 'NK' ('Nordic Company') at the other end, along with the square Norrmalmstorg. And there you can also find ABBA's publishing empire. It's a choice location.

Blue-Green Opposition

Apple bought the property three years ago. But the idea of an Apple Store right there in the capital didn't set well with the Swedes. The location is currently used by TGI Friday's, but Apple planned on building anew. Yet the Swedes who were polled didn't like the idea - and 79% of 7,582 in an online poll voted against.

City commissioner Anna König Jerlmyr said she'd be happy to help Apple find a new location, but no-go: they'll be pulling out.

Already a month after last year's September elections, the unlikely 'Blue-Green' coalition came about in city hall, and then came the announcement that they'd nix the project, even though Apple had already purchased the property.

Apple's reps in Stockholm flew into a rage.

'Yes, that's right', says Björn Ljung of the Stockholm Planning Council. 'Some pretty harsh words too. I don't want to repeat them.'

Apple bought the property for SEK 129 million but will now sell for 179 million - about US$5 million more than they paid.

Sweden's media originally reported that Apple wanted a replica of their New York City store on the property, but that proved to be wrong. The location - officially called 'Sju sekel' - has been used by restaurants since 1953, when the city celebrated its 700-year anniversary.

The Apple idea:

The same location today:

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