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Microsoft's the Main Offender

Upton Sinclair has a tummyache.

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REDMOND (Rixstep) — Ah. A Friday evening. And having to read this shite.

Ars: Microsoft ships antivirus for macOS

MacDailyNews: Microsoft ships antivirus for macOS

MDN nailed it right from the start.

'Containing Windows contagions thereby preventing Macs from being Typhoid Marys for their crappy Windows PCs is the main reason for enterprises to deploy Microsoft Defender for Mac.'

So Microsoft is going to help the rest of the world with malware? Gosh gee, thanks, Bill! But who causes malware in the first place? This is a bigger scam than Gatekeeper.

Who brought us the executable virus? Who brought us the boot sector virus? Surely everyone remembers the words of Bill Joy?

Who brought us ILOVEYOU? Who brought us Code Red?

Why did so many people flee Windows? What will we see next - Microsoft Offender for OpenBSD?

Malware is Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Make no mistake about that. The world would not have malware today, to any significant degree, were it not for Microsoft.

This isn't breaking news - it's been known and understood for more than twenty years.

Microsoft could end the misery tomorrow. They know it.

All they need to do - they know it - is sandbox their lacklustre OS inside a Unix. That's all. Any one of them. A Linux. A FreeBSD (like Apple's). Like the bulletproof OpenBSD. And they know it.

But they continue to push this bluff, a scam that costs people so much. And it's not hard to figure out why. It's all about the Giga-Benjamins. Change the internal architecture and they lose their ISV base, which is everything. Sandbox their Windows, and ISVs will simply bypass the Windows API and deal with the sandbox directly. And then Microsoft will be completely out of the game. Relegated to making Zunes. (You gotta admit: the product may have been crap, but the name was a winner.)

If you're not on Windows: stay where you are. Stay on Apple's macOS. Or a Linux. Like Mint. Or OpenBSD. Don't move. And, for goodness sake, don't start seeing Microsoft as some sort of benefactor. Because they're not. They're the Main Offender.

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