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New: The ACP/Xfile Test Drive for Mojave

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BELGRAVIA (Rixstep) — Some things take a while. This will take no longer. It's a new 'Test Drive' for the ACP's Xfile Collection.

This Test Drive contains nine (9) applications (plus a framework) and, together, they take less disk real estate than the accompanying documentation.

The nine applications - all filesystem-related - are ACL, macTag, Rixcomp, Rixstamp, Tracker, Xattrib, Xfile, Xfind, and Xscan. All you do is double-click the DMG in the download, and you're ready to go.

  1. ACL manages your access control lists.
  2. macTag is a futuristic method of organising files not in directory hierarchies but with textual tags.
  3. Rixcomp compares two anything - and sees file types, volume IDs, inodes, and of course contents.
  4. Rixstamp 'timestamps' files, directories, anything, even using the 'epoch' and a reasonable 'rollover'.
  5. Tracker is the heavy-duty system monitor used for tracking changes to your file system. For any reason.
  6. Xattrib gets at the 'attributes' of an item: type, sticky bit, set IDs, 'ugo' access, special user and system flags.
  7. Xfile is the ACP file manager.
  8. Xfind finds things in files, or summarises file sizes, blocks used, and extended attributes.
  9. Xscan scans your filesystems for stuff, and follows the seminal 'Hacking Exposed' to help you isolate security weaknesses.

Download it here - it's about 3 MB. ftp://rixstep.com/td1014.zip

About Rixstep

Stockholm/London-based Rixstep are a constellation of programmers and support staff from Radsoft Laboratories who tired of Windows vulnerabilities, Linux driver issues, and cursing x86 hardware all day long. Rixstep have many years of experience behind their efforts, with teaching and consulting credentials from the likes of British Aerospace, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Lloyds TSB, SAAB Defence Systems, British Broadcasting Corporation, Barclays Bank, IBM, Microsoft, and Sony/Ericsson.

Rixstep and Radsoft products are or have been in use by Sweden's Royal Mail, Sony/Ericsson, the US Department of Defense, the offices of the US Supreme Court, the Government of Western Australia, the German Federal Police, Verizon Wireless, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Microsoft Corporation, the New York Times, Apple Inc, Oxford University, and hundreds of research institutes around the globe. See here.

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