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A$AP Rocky's Tormentor: He's Got a Rap Sheet

And he changes identity too. And, for Sweden's MSM, mum's the word.

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KRONOBERG (Rixstep) — The tormentor of $ASAP Rocky, one of the hoodlums who harassed Rocky and his entourage in Stockholm, has a rap sheet, this according to Pettersson's Blog, a site that's well-known by members of Sweden's parliament.

Pettersson goes on to claim that Sweden's MSM are deliberately hiding this fact from the public.

Afghani 'unaccompanied minor' Mustafa Jafari, who filed the complaint against Rocky and his entourage, is also the one who tailed and harassed them through the streets of Stockholm. He has already been convicted of at least four crimes. One conviction was for assault, another conviction is for aggravated assault.

Mustafa Jafari is a citizen of Afghanistan. His social security number has been 20000274-1230, but also 20000214-2636. He says he came to Sweden as an 'unaccompanied minor' on 8 January 2015. He moved at the age of 6 with his family from Afghanistan to Iran. He claims asylum on the grounds he was 'threatened as a person'. He said he wanted to be a policeman. He was admitted to high school in Tyresö, south of Stockholm.

5 July 2016, Svea Court of Appeals, Case B 4587-16

The following is from a verdict in Stockholm in 2016, when Mustafa Jafari claimed to be only 16 years of age.

Mustafa Jafari and Mortez Ashar have together, and in cooperation with each other, armed themselves with knives with the intention of harming the complainant. They then sought out the complainant and committed the following acts of violence against the complainant.

- Mustafa Jafari head-butted the complainant.
- Mustafa Jafari attempted to stab the complainant.
- Mustafa Jafari succeeded in stabbing the complainant in the arm.
- Mustafa Jafari punched the complainant in the face.
- Mustafa Jafari kicked the leg of the complainant.

The assault is deemed to be aggravated due to Mustafa Jafari's use of a weapon (a knife).

Mustafa Jafari carried out these acts intentionally.

The above took place on 22 December 2015 at Vårbergstoppen, Skärholmen, Stockholm.

Other Subsequent Cases

2016-02-18 Convicted: Shoplifting, Case TR B 2805-16, Stockholm
2016-05-09 Convicted: Assault, upheld by court of appeals, Case TR B 1683-15, Södertörn
2017-11-23 Convicted: Lesser narcotics crime, Case TR B 14680-17, Stockholm
2018-05-25 Convicted: Lesser narcotics crime, Case TR B 3666-18, Solna

Pettersson's Comments

'Pettersson wonders why our eminent and well-paid journalists can't report on this to the public - report that the complainant in the A$AP Rocky case is a hardened Afghani criminal who probably deserves more than he got?'


News site Nyheter Idag ('News Today') now have a fuller picture of the incident and the people involved. The other aggressor, it turns out, has an even bigger rap sheet and is considered by the courts to subsist 'solely by crime'.

For now, unfortunately, the article is available only in Swedish. See the links below.

[Note: Swedish media report that Jafari 'changed' identities, but others suggest this is only down to the transition from a temporary to a permanent social security number.]

Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.
 - William Shakespeare

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