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Monday Morning in Ribersborg, Sweden

It could have been just like any other Monday morning.

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RIBERSBORG, SWEDEN (Rixstep) — A mother was shot and killed in broad daylight today. Many were witness to the brutal murder, and many of them tried in vain to save the woman's life.

This should have been another typical morning in the quiet Malmö suburb of Ribersborg. But it wasn't.

A young woman was shot to death in broad daylight.

'I've been standing here a while. This is now a place of remembrance and light. People are on their way to work, parents are taking their children to school, but there's hardly anyone who doesn't stop, look at the candles, and lower their heads.'

According to witnesses, the victim was carrying her newborn child when she was shot. According to other sources, the woman was shot multiple times in the face at point-blank range.

'It's very quiet here right now. People are in shock. Parents wonder what they'll tell their children. One suggests telling them there's been an accident, another says they should just tell them the truth, tell them a woman has been murdered here. People are seething with rage.'

Many Witnesses

There were many witnesses to the crime. Many people have a story to tell, and many of them rushed down to try to save the woman's life.

'This is a nightmare, this cannot be happening, not in broad daylight, not on a Monday morning.'

'We're all in shock. Someone must put an end to the violence. We can't find the words anymore.'

Many people on social media are putting the blame squarely at the feet of the current 'feminist superpower' government who dismissed security warnings and precautions that would have prevented the Drottninggatan massacre - for precious little has been done since.

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