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Apple Market Share July-August 2019

0.03% or better.

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APPLEWORLD (Rixstep) — Apple's OS 'macOS' is on the rise - from a market share of 9.71% in July to 9.74% last month. An increase of 0.03%.

Microsoft Windows stays stable at 87.5%.

The above data is culled by NetMarketShares, who sample data from visitors to some 40.000 websites operated by their clients.

Apple have had the winner since January 1997 - over twenty years ago. They had a system that was already out the door. With big league clients like Dell and WorldCom. Their own version of the OS went prime time some five years later, in August 2002. Jag-wire. How did the market react? Was there a dent in the universe?

Not exactly. Market share hovered around 2%. Which was better than Linux, but Linux didn't have the corporate clout and media savvy of Apple.

Fortunately the iPod came along. Pundits talked about a 'halo effect' - that iPod users would think twice about ignoring Apple on the desktop. But nothing much happened.

Microsoft carried on at their end with a few hundred thousand new malware attacks.

Apple shuffled and out came iPhone, and for a short time they dominated in a market - they were the only players in the market. Then Google got involved. Today Google have 69.97% of the mobile market, and Apple somehow hold onto 28.76%. Google keep pushing Apple to the margins with an inferior product.

2.76 or 1.27

The mobile market is tighter than the computer market - aside from Google and Apple, there's only 1.27% using something else. The corresponding figure for computers is 2.76%. One may presume, in the latter case, that most of the systems are Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu) or a BSD.

You've Come a Long Way

So Apple Inc of Cupertino California, the first corporation to reach a trillion-dollar market cap, can't do better than a 10% share in a market where they've had the clearly 'best of breed' product for over twenty years?

Whatever could be wrong, Tim?

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