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Jony, Steve, & Scott

'Does it matter if I believe this?'

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — Jony Ive has been removed from Apple's leadership page, as reported by MacRumors.

'Apple today removed Jony Ive from its leadership page on its website, suggesting that he has officially departed the company after nearly three decades.'

Listed leaders include Tim Cook, Katherine Adams, and Eddy Cue. Jony is gone.

Jony had his start in bathroom design, then moved over to Apple some time before the return of Steve Jobs in 1997. He put together a plan for an iMac, but was ignored. It wasn't until Steve yanked the reins from Gil Amelio and asked around about new ideas that Jony and his iMac surfaced.

Scott Forstall led the team who put together the software of the iPhone. Scott later held a talk at Stanford on how he did this. His talk was both revealing and enlightening, especially as regards his personnel selection criteria. Scott began working for Steve already in 1992, as part of NeXT.

Scott was involved in the development of 'Aqua'. He became a Senior Vice President in 2003, and oversaw development of Safari. He's given credit for running the iOS team 'like clockwork' and was widely respected for his ability to perform under pressure. Once Scott left, others in management, including Jony, were shuffled around.

According to Forbes, Scott's departure wasn't voluntary.

'Forstall's pending departure - he will stay with the company until the end of the year, acting as adviser - is the most shocking. He midwifed iOS; he was close enough to Steve Jobs to be nicknamed mini-Steve. Forstall was, in short, high enough up the food chain to be a contender for the role of CEO. Too high, in other words, to be unceremoniously shoved out the door.'

'Forstall was hard to get along with, Ladik says - and that, at Tim Cook's Apple, is a no-no.'

'For the past year Cook has been weeding out people with disagreeable personalities - people Jobs tolerated and even held close, like Forstall. But Cook wants a culture of harmony.'

But former Apple senior engineer Michael Lopp says that Apple's ability to innovate came from tension and disagreement. Steve Jobs was referred to as the 'decider' who had the final say on products and features while he was CEO, reportedly keeping the 'strong personalities at Apple in check by always casting the winning vote or by having the last word'.

After Steve's demise, those strong personalities became noticeable. And there was no longer any Steve to rein them in and utilise their potential.

Scott finally talked to the public again in June 2017. Talking with John Markoff, Scott revealed how Steve Jobs once saved his life - a very harrowing narrative.

'Does it matter if I believe this?'
 - Scott Forstall
'I was 100% dying, and Steve brought this person to me and saved my life, so I will always, always, owe him that.'
 - Scott Forstall

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