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ARMONK (Rixstep) — Something you may have missed in the holiday rush, and missed years earlier in the run-up to the 2016 elections in the US:

IBM and Apple are good buddies today.

Anna Major was after Big Blue back in 1984, but the tune has changed. Remember this?

That's changed. 9to5 have been reporting on it for some time.


At IBM, they claim that they save a lot of money by supporting Macs rather than Windows PCs. What's really surprising is that IBM support Windows PCs at all. Employees, at least in the RTP in North Carolina, of course order their hardware from within the company, where they get admins to procure the machines, wipe them of all things Microsoft, then typically install an OS from their RTP neighbour Red Hat. (Red Hat Enterprise just got bought by IBM for billions and billions.)

When people at this site were involved with teaching at the IBM think tank in Hursley, they saw first-hand how little respect IBM staff had for Microsoft. 'Orderly shutdown? It's not necessary. Just turn the power off.' And so forth. Officially they were working with Microsoft and running Windows, but none of their course delegates ran a Microsoft OS at home. They all ran and loved Linux, which they described as 'bulletproof'.

But it's hardly surprising news. Microsoft may still have close to 80-90% of the PC market, this after twenty years this May as the number one - the sole - carrier of infectious computer diseases, but corporations don't often like diseases in the workplace. Google won't allow Windows PCs without an acceptable explanation.

According to IBM, one staff member can support 5,400 Mac users, but only 242 Windows users.


Mac@IBM is IBM's programme, with Jamf.


And just one year ago, IBM open-sourced their code.


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