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The Catalina Files

A bit of a diversion.

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FELIXSTOWE (Rixstep) — The Catalina Files: a bit of a diversion. This may not be what you'd expected. Then again, it might be just what you'd been hoping for. Consider this a resource. Settle in for the long ride. Come back time and again.

The Catalina Files is a timeline of when we first became aware of the fact that something was very wrong at Apple. It charts the time past those first wobbly years, the time when iPhone was first introduced, when major changes were first seen in the way Apple did business.

It starts innocently enough, when we by accident started poking into what today is known as 'Gatekeeper' and how this all relates to personal freedom on one's own computer (and how that freedom dwindled to near nothing).

OK! Now, without further ado...

2009-02-16 Hacking Apple's Code-Signing
This is the one started it all off. Note the date: 16 February 2009. Over eleven years ago. We'd been looking closer at Pacifist and wondering how Charles sealed his bundle. We were in the process of devising our own cryptographic seal for CLIX. One thing led to another, and suddenly we were playing with Apple's form of code-signing on CLIX and realising some pretty amazing things.

2010-10-20 The Steve Gambit
We set up Steve Jobs. We literally baited him. The story progresses through the links immediately below.

We will never do music. We will never do video iPod. We will never do phone. We will never go Intel.
 - '9toX'
For you Apple apologists claiming Apple will never lock down the Mac, step one is in place and you all let it happen.
 - Ron Gilbert

2010-04-24 Mac Developer Program Update
This is the one set it off. Nearly ten years ago. The fanboy world shat on itself. 'No no you're wrong, Rixstep! Haha!' Of course we were wrong! We baited you all, you pathetic fools! But we got what we wanted: we got a public denial from Steve Jobs himself. And we all knew he was lying. So did he of course. But he fell right in the trap.

The piece was deliberate deception. 100% pure fanboy positivity, no scent of anything critical - and the fanboys fell for it hook, line, and sinker. To this day they will not comment on it, for they know we made fools of them all, and oops but we even got their guru to make a fool (and a liar) of himself to boot.

Note the links at the bottom: totally worthless. Only for show. But it's easy to fool a decrepit fanboy.

2010-10-20 Mac Developer Program Update II
This is when we began revealing what was really going on. Haha. Oh so much fun. But sad for the OS Apple began trashing.

2010-04-23 9to5: OS 10.7 will see some big changes
They fell for it. Big of them to keep the link up even after they know they've been cucked.

The technique is simple enough, as explained in the first piece. It'll take a bit of research, but it's eminently straightforward.

1) Get the details on OS X binary headers
2) Optionally get the source to the system linker
3) Figure out how to compute your way to the headers
4) Find the new header Apple use for code-signing and simply remove it

You can optionally remove the seal gunk itself. But the point is that the sucker will run already at that point as if it has never been signed.

Apple's totalitarian world is easier to enforce on their mobile platforms, as already in their kernel they can demand the presence of a valid certificate that also checks out.

But they can't do that on the Mac. They'd love to, but they can't. So they have to concoct all this other bullshit instead. Much messier.

Once again, it's amazing (or brave perhaps or just plain dumb and scared) that '9to5' leave their cocky comment up for ten years when they know they're eating their own shit time after time at this point. Sure sucks to be a fanboy!

2006-03-02 Xattr
Somewhere along here we made Xattr and its command-line counterpart. The command-line counterpart closely follows Apple's own tool of the same name. And here's the kicker: Apple have always made this technology - their own command-line tool and the APIs - available, but fanboys gonna be fanboys! Even developer fanboys are fanboys! Only one year back, a 'Swift' 'developer' announced what he proudly boasted was the first such tool for the platform! When you're going to be dumb, you might as well go all-in! He was late to the party by only ten years or so!

As seen from the screenshots on that page, Xattr was released about the time 'Oompa Loompa' popped up - you know, the cheeky trojan that drove the fanboys into a frenzy. We were in direct contact with the author of 'Oompa Loompa' (he contacted us) and he made it perfectly clear why he'd written the trojan: he hates fanboys! (And he wrote to us because we were the only reliable non-fanboy site on the planet. Thanks, dude!)

2006-02-16 The Chocolate Tunnel
Oompa Loompa hit in early (February) 2006. The fanboys wet themselves.

2006-02-16 Peeking Inside the Chocolate Tunnel
Oompa Loompa hit in early (February) 2006. The fanboys wet themselves.

2006-03-12 The Legend of Oompa Loompa
The full account of the sad and pathetic fanboy reaction. Black humour and rather amusing at that!


Just too good.

Why was this important? Because someone had weaponised Apple's coming tool for oppression.

Do read the epilogue - typical 'fanboy'!

'A week after a week after, people like above were already shrugging off Oompa Loompa, calling it 'FUD', and priding themselves in debunking yet another OS X exploit myth.'

And the author of Oompa Loompa, saying the same thing in public that he told us in private:

'I didn't write it for the press - although I knew that was coming. It was more because I was annoyed with all the fanboys.'

2016-03-19 Tinkerer's Sunset
Mark Pilgrim's famous attack on Apple was republished in March 2016.

'Once upon a time, Apple made the machines that made me who I am. I became who I am by tinkering. Now it seems they're doing everything in their power to stop my kids from finding that sense of wonder.

'Apple declared war on the tinkerers of the world.'

2007-09-09 Oh Where Oh Where Did My Resource Fork Go?
Rixstep began using XAs on a per-document basis already by the autumn of 2007, and continue to do so today, despite the pestilence Apple brought on the technology. These document-specific attributes are pretty much what the NeXT team envisioned before the move to Cupertino.

The technology is used in an even more efficient form in both our Xshelf and our new Apple-killer Keymaster. This link contains a bit of pseudocode for Oompa-Loompa logic, and it also explains why ordinary users - the kind that pissed all over themselves when they encountered Oompa-Loompa - need better weapons to fight back, something Apple intentionally never gave them. (So we did.)

Note these releases were over twelve years ago.

2007-09-29 Document-Specific Extended Attributes
Starting with the 29 September release, all ACP applications support extended attributes on a per-document basis, something the NeXT people would have been moving to until they moved to Apple and the 'beige' brigade started taking over. This is where 'spatiality' really counts - yet the 'Siracusae' of course can't understand it.

2007-12-24 xabatch
xabatch (the command-line version) was announced on Xmas Eve 2007. So yes, we were more than ten years ahead of the 'Swift' amateurs who claimed to be 'first'.

2007-12-27 XaBatch
XaBatch followed shortly thereafter, the Cocoa document-based version. Both use a scripting language we invented for the occasion, as system admins were beginning to need some way to rid their networks of the insidious extended attributes (XAs) that Apple had begun leeching onto files in a frenzy. XaBatch provides ways to add XAs too, even though that's not going to be used often.

2009-04-05 Files, Ownership, Permissions, Stuff Like That
On 5 April 2010 and 8 April 2010 we published more tutorials on what all this meant for our users. Goes into detail about what you get - what Apple will never give you.

Ramping up to the release of the new Xfile Test Drive in ten days.

2009-04-05 Files, Ownership, Permissions, Stuff Like That (2)
Continuation of the previous tutorial.

2009-04-08 More File Stuff
Yet another tutorial. This time on file modes.

2009-04-08 More File Stuff (2)
Yet another tutorial. This time on file flags, access control lists, and extended attributes.

2009-04-15 Xfile Express
The release. Goes into detail about what you get - and what Apple will never give you.

2009-04-15 Managing File Attributes
A further look at what Apple won't give you.

2019-01-26 XaBatch Nighttime
'There are some who claim only last year (ahem) that they have the first and only 'XA' utility for macOS. Sorry to disappoint, but Rixstep have had an ARMADA of XA-related utilities for almost fifteen years.'

'XaBatch is one, speeding through nearly 95,000 files in just one minute.'

So that's fast!

The move to protect against Apple - always a consideration but only recently a tangible threat - began about a year ago, when the sinister writing on the wall became more clear.

2019-03-19 Apple Locking Down 10.15?
Word began circulating - through our contacts in the network world - of Apple's major clampdown for Catalina already in March. This is the first news of the new 'kiddie pool' trick of 'notarisation'.

As the article goes on to point out:

'Since at least 18 February 2009, the pieces have been moving on the chessboard. iPhone was announced in early 2007. Three successive point updates revealed, through their never-ending crash logs, that everything was running as root, with the two passwords 'alpine' and 'dottie'. Then suddenly things changed with point update #4, and so here we are today.'

'Again, the revelation is simple: an executable can't object to a flawed seal if it doesn't know it's there. And automating the process described here will always work - unless the OS kernel (the application launcher) insists on finding a valid seal beforehand.'

Apple declared war on the tinkerers of the world.
 - Mark Pilgrim

Given adequate preparation and linkage editing tools, it should be possible to remove code-signing from any Apple executable with the greatest of ease. And given the fact that someone made this code-sign tool to add gunk to binaries, it should follow that someone can create a tool that removes it.
 - Rixstep Forum 18 February 2009

Just don't forget that Steve Jobs denied it all. He gave you his word. And you trusted him, didn't you?
 - 'The Steve Gambit' 20 October 2010

Apple's platforms are no longer free.
 - Rixstep 19 March 2019

2019-04-29 'appleclean'
appleclean was released as a free and independent utility on 29 April 2019. It's still available today - it's still free.

This piece goes into matters at length to explain what's going on.

'Code-signing was introduced not to protect software but to establish control of third party products, a shameless grab for a multi-billion-dollar revenue stream.'

'Starting now with these new releases, all Rixstep products for Apple's OS X ('macOS') will contain proprietary technology to defeat Apple's attempts to strangle OS X systems. Apple may of course try to up the ante again in the future, so nothing can ever be certain, but Rixstep will continue to give clients products that are untainted and unrestricted by Apple for as long as is programmatically possible.'

'That or nothing. There is no in-between.'

2019-05-03 'An OS Vendor'
The New York Times came out and condemned Apple.

2019-06-02 Locked in the Garden
As their WWDC approached, a few words of warning.

'Apple never went 'totalitarian' with their old OS X. There were all too many reasons. They obviously can't do it all at once. But they want to get there. They're getting closer all the time. The latest gambit is a sleight-of-hand called 'notarisation'. It's not hard to see where this is going.'

2019-06-17 _Hoax
It had to be said. A declaration of sorts on Apple's true intentions.

'It is our belief that Apple have been perpetrating a giant hoax since 2007, the ultimate purpose of which is to control the software market on all their platforms.'

2019-06-24 More on Codesign
More from the forum, originally posted 2009-02-18 at 02:18 AM UTC.

2019-06-25 That Gatekeeper Vulnerability
Apple getting hacked through their wobbly misfit Gatekeeper. Fanboys and matches...

2019-07-26 The Dirty Word
'Apple' is a dirty word today. Includes a long 'rap sheet' for Apple. Not nice of them, not at all.

'That authoritarian attitude continues to this day.'

2019-07-28 Why Darwin Failed
Reprint of Rob Braun's famous farewell from the open-source Darwin project from 23 February 2006. Rob's conclusion was that they'd all been hoodwinked by a cynical marketing department just as programmers had been tricked in the late 1990s by the promise of cross-platform compatibility that they never had any intention of fulfilling.

'The problem was Darwin was a marketing ploy, and nothing more. Marketing thought that by throwing some source files over the wall, they could increase their market share and revenue. And they were right. You go to almost any technical conference these days, and there is an astonishing number of Mac laptops in the crowd. Prior to Mac OS X, people would have been laughed out of the building for having a Mac, but now, with Mac OS X and the magic of open source, it was suddenly OK or even cool. Managerially and culturally, Apple had no intention of becoming involved with any community outside its own walls. There were some well intentioned engineers and even a few low level managers that were duped by their own marketing department, and that was all. These people had given substantial amounts of their free time under the illusion they were doing something Right, something Good, but in the end were simply used by their own company's marketing department.'

2019-09-02 The Mouse and the Labyrinth
An op-ed from September. Actually a bit of a parable.

2019-09-02 Hack Your Mac
And another.

2019-09-11 One Word
Catalina already showing every sign of being a train wreck.

2019-09-17 Apple's Truman Show
Things really start to pick up here. The ability to conceptualise things for the fanboys. First mention of Sweet Thursday and Doc Ricketts.

'As they say in Silicon Valley, if the product is free, then you're the product. But here's the irony: you, as the product, are not free.'

2019-09-19 Downloaded to Seahaven Island
Showing people in detail what happens with a typical oh so innocent download. The metaphor works!

2019-09-20 Cleaning Seahaven Island
And already a solution the day after. We're still in September! And here's the 'appleclean' download link: ftp://rixstep.com/appleclean.zip (4 KB only!)

2019-09-21 Apple and Open Systems
How Apple also use file flags in non-standard ways to contain and oppress. Has that great quote from Ron Gilbert.

Apple committed the ultimate crime of rebuilding their crashed empire on open source and then betraying that same open source.

'Previous experience with their iPod showed Apple that, even if some things that were hidden are suddenly exposed, and even if the barrier is no longer insurmountable, the overwhelming majority of users will either never learn how to gain access or never have the guts to try.'

'If history has anything else to teach us about Apple and their customers, it's that those customers can be fooled into almost anything, and that Apple are seldom adverse to taking advantage.'

2019-09-25 Code-Signing Safari
When code-signing for Safari went bonkers but the app worked anyway. Embarrassing for Tim Cook. 'Apple is getting extremely lazy', wrote Mac Daily News.

2019-09-27 In Loving Memory of Clarence Beeks
A hint as to why Apple's unorthodox code-signing is so financially vital to the corporation - and why they're more than prepared to play dirty. Note how Apple's 'Beige Army' (their rabid fanboys) directly rush to their defence as if it's Kristallnacht all over again.

2019-09-28 Files! Files! Files!
A look at just how chaotic Apple systems have become.

2019-10-04 The Appler They Are, The Harder They Fall
Forbes begin their attack on Grandma Cook. Even Craig Hockenberry joins in.

And Ziff-Davis?

'Up to 40,000 macOS systems expose a particular port online that can be abused for pretty big DDoS attacks. These attacks are leveraging macOS systems where the Apple Remote Desktop feature has been enabled, and the computer is accessible from the Internet, without being located inside a local network, or protected by a firewall.'

'More specifically, the attackers are leveraging the Apple Remote Management Service (ARMS) that is a part of the Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) feature.'

'Apple owns its ecosystem like no other company, from the silicon inside devices to the software that they run. And yet the ecosystem is riddled with weird, frustrating inconsistencies.'

'Apple's ecosystem now reminds me of tech in the 90s and early 00s, when everything had its own proprietary charger and cable, and things were messy and clouded in a low-level haze of frustration. I didn't expect Apple, a company that touts simplicity and efficiency, to take such a huge step back.'

Now Cult of Mac hits them - again on the same day. Graham Bower tries his darnedest to use an iPad as a computer and fails ungracefully - he tries to reduce things down to the seemingly innocent task of opening two documents in word processor 'Pages' at once.

Apple could have been the champion of open source. They were too greedy.

'Apple could have been the champion of open source. Now it's too late. No one trusts them anymore. No major players in the industry believe them anymore. And the murmuring and grumbles outside the 'Loop' are getting only more audible.'

2019-10-05 Vincent's Ear
On how people are either duped or willingly recruited as zombie shills.

2019-10-07 Catalina Available for Download
But most luminaries caution users not to upgrade. Most advise even today to wait until well into 2020. And it's not just the ridiculous situations their code-signing puts people in: their Finder can't keep running in a single login session without crashing all by its lonesome - and then can't be started up again, forcing a cold reboot! Oh poor Tim.

2019-10-08 Bulletproof!
More on Catalina. Contains the world-famous 'Cancel or Allow' screenshot - an absolute classic.

2019-10-15 macTag: Grey Paper
A tutorial on Rixstep's macTag and how extended attributes could be used for other than Apple's nefarious purposes.

2019-10-23 Socially Engineering macOS Catalina
A helper piece for fanboys. 'Apple's strange world is often referred to as a walled garden, but it's a garden in concept only.' Contains a reminder of the one Unix command you should always have at the ready (in a first rudimentary version) as well as the entire 'Mac vs PS' campaign (66 adverts all told) just to remind them of how they're being manipulated like fools.

2019-10-23 The Burbank Diet!
An explicit tutorial on how to fight Apple. New opportunity to download 'appleclean'.

2019-11-01 Uncle Unix
An op-ed on how Apple are systematically destroying their Unix.

'This is no accident. Look around at the online documentation. Yes, it's riddled with sloppy mistakes and omissions, and it also tells a vivid story.'

Ends with a memorable quote from Doug McIlroy.

'The day Linux gives the Mac diagnostic that you can't open a file because you don't have the application is the day Linux becomes non-Unix.'

Did the fanboys react? Do they ever react?

'They strangle the market, squeezing every last drop of ingenuity and life-affirming energy out of developers and users alike.'

2019-11-03 Dear Client
Apple started blocking our mail. (They've been pulling childish stunts like this all along.)

2019-11-03 Don't Bet Against IBM
Market cap? Of course. But look how IBM play it, having just acquired Red Hat for $34 billion. Not $429 million as with NeXT - $34 billion.

2019-11-06 Your Morning Marmalade
The words of Ridley Scott's famous advert come back to haunt.

'macOS developers great and tiny are now totally dependent on Apple for release of their software. We shall prevail.'

Did the fanboys react? Do they ever react?

Has a great graphic of Anna Major's auditorium then and now and very important quotes from Paul Graham and one from Sam Varghese on Steve Wozniak and Apple's childish fanboys.

2019-11-10 Seahaven Technology
Seahaven Technology: a precursor to the Keymasters.

Rixstep's Lightman is rereleased, now with Seahaven Technology. Contains a considerable bibliography.

CandS rereleased, now with Seahaven Technology as well. It too has a considerable bibliography.

2019-11-17 Seahaven Technology - II
How Seahaven is used in CandS and Lightman. From a subscribers newsletter.

2019-11-28 Thanksgiving Day Remedial
Start of an op-ed series on how Apple's infamous Human Interface Group actually hurt the corporation and their customers.

2019-11-30 Jony, Steve, & Scott
Apple rewriting history in the best Big Brother tradition.

2019-11-30 The bigger they are, the Appler they fall
On Apple never understanding and never achieving a key role in a niche market. 'Apple can't even dominate the smartphone market. And they created it. Brace yourselves for a vainglorious mega-crash.'

2019-12-02 Tuesday Ten
A first look at change notifications, how they worked on Cutler's NT, a lament on their nonexistence (for the most part) on Unix, and how something similar out of the Spotlight playbook might just do the job.

2019-12-02 Don't Visit Your Library
The fanboys panicked when they saw this one. Take a peek!

2019-12-02 Apple: Tap-Tap, Tick-Tock
Forbes smashing Apple good and proper. Now it's all downhill! So expect more desperation on their part that ends up hurting you commensurately. You can't trust them ever again.

2019-12-09 Course Review, Study Questions
Second part of the op-ed series on Apple's infamous Human Interface Group.

2019-12-10 Forza
Can't resist. A fan letter we received.

'I want to thank you all who make Rixstep what it is, what is has been, and (hopefully) what it will continue to be. Hands down, you are the 'Grandmasters'! We all know that Apple have created a monster, but if there's anyone I can trust to keep me safe, it's Rixstep (all inclusive).'

Thank you!

2019-12-17 The Cult's 'Catalina Fix'
On how Catalina is a fail.

'I'd like to note that this app comes from a developer I trust. It's just that he hasn't gone through Apple's process to get the app blessed. And in return for writing excellent software for the Mac, this developer (or any developer) gets his app slapped with a scary warning.'

THAT is the point. Apple didn't mind making life a hassle for this professional, so greedy are they for more and more money. But they'll lose him - they've lost all of us!

2019-12-21 Changes
The new super-charged application 'Changes' is introduced!

2019-12-21 'Your Call is Being Connected'
A closer look at the technology behind the new app 'Changes'.

2019-12-23 Cheat Sheet
Third and final part (so far) of the op-ed series on Apple's infamous Human Interface Group.

2019-12-23 OS X RIP
On how Apple continue to destroy their platform.

The ominous 3 February 2020. But we're past that now. Now it is we who attack.

2019-12-24 XNU
More on how Apple continue to destroy their platform. 'The world's in one corner, Microsoft and Apple are in the other. Pick your team wisely and carefully.'

2019-12-26 Keymaster!
Keymaster is introduced on Boxing Day!

2019-12-27 The Long Run - Extended Attributes from Tiger to Catalina
Looking back at the 'long run' the very day after. Not too pretty a sight if you're a fanboy. A four-part series. Happy holidays indeed!

2019-12-30 Fighting Back
'Consider this a Catalina resource page.'

2019-12-30 Keymaster in Action (1)
'Admittedly hard to see here, but what's happening is this. Keymaster is running in the background. A screenshot is taken. Keymaster has, by this point, already reset the file's permissions to read-only and cleansed the file of all extended attributes. Normally, when Preview opens a screenshot file to save it again to disk, after prompting to have the file 'unlocked' as Keymaster's already been at work on it, there'll be a new shipload of extended attributes. But not now, not with Keymaster running! You can also see - if you look closely in full-screen at the file info sheet - that Keymaster has again reset the file's permissions to read-only (0400).'

2020-01-01 Ushering in the Roaring Twenty-Twenties with Gozer
Happy New Year's wishes from Gozer the Gozerian. This introduces the free 'Keymaster Solo'. On New Year's Day! See the download link! ftp://rixstep.com/keymaster.zip

Presser for Keymaster Solo.

2020-01-08 A #WWDC19 Takeaway
'The work that needs to be done in terms of computer security isn't to make more secure the systems that are already acceptably secure but to convince the 90% of the unwashed to move over to a more secure platform so the whole world can be secure.'

'Don't expect Apple to save the world. They're not interested. Don't expect them to save the Internet either. They don't care. The latter was in their grasp. They showed no interest whatsoever. Apple have an 18% unit market share in the mobile market, and just over half that in the PC market. Their revenues are off the charts, mostly due to their obscene profit margins, as much as 40% [sic]. So why are they working so hard to 'protect' an OS that very few people use? Or is that what they're really trying to do?'

'There are an estimated six billion reasons to suggest otherwise. They recur annually.'

2020-02-05 Keymaster Too
The new Keymaster. The new Keymaster Solo. Defining moments. Time for a Miller's.

Programmers continue to develop iPhone apps, even though Apple continues to maltreat them. They're like someone stuck in an abusive relationship.
 - Paul Graham

2020-02-05 Keymaster: Mind the gap!
Arrival. Pure perfection.

'For the rectification of the Vuldronaii, we come as a Torb! The Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day, we can tell you!'

'History won't be kind to Tim Cook. Neither computer history or history in general. No corporation, public or otherwise, has so desecrated something so universally lauded and appreciated as Tim Cook's Apple did with Unix and NeXTSTEP. No other Unix platform makes such a mess of things. No other Unix platform attempts to constrict developers and users like Apple. Paul Graham hasn't condemned other Unix platforms - only Apple.'

'No more supercilious nonsense attached to your files. No more software you trust being put in quarantine and being told where and where not it can read and write things. Your computer is once again your computer - as it should be. As it was before Tim Cook got visions of grandeur.'

Evil begets stupidity.
 - Paul Graham
The best programmers can work wherever they want. They don't have to work for a company they have qualms about.
 - Paul Graham
Programmers continue to develop iPhone apps, even though Apple continues to maltreat them. They're like someone stuck in an abusive relationship.
 - Paul Graham
The dictator in the 1984 ad isn't Microsoft, incidentally; it's IBM. IBM seemed a lot more frightening in those days, but they were friendlier to developers than Apple is now.
 - Paul Graham
When you look at the famous 1984 ad now, it's easier to imagine Apple as the dictator on the screen than the woman with the hammer. In fact, if you read the dictator's speech it sounds uncannily like a prophecy of the App Store.
 - Paul Graham
The way Apple runs the App Store has harmed their reputation with programmers more than anything else they've ever done. Their reputation with programmers used to be great. It used to be the most common complaint you heard about Apple was that their fans admired them too uncritically. The App Store has changed that. Now a lot of programmers have started to see Apple as evil.
 - Paul Graham
To all those who replied to my first piece I have this to say: Steve Wozniak is one of those I respect greatly but I don't think he ever meant to create a community of snobs around the computer he designed. He is one of the better human beings who were part of the technology revolution that has taken place over the last 30 years. The current batch of Apple users - at least most of the sample I've been exposed to - are an embarrassment to a gentleman like him.
 - Sam Varghese

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