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A Letter for Julian

And free software for you. So please do your part - it's a worthy cause.

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This was done once before. Now it's time to do it again.

Julian Assange is in real trouble. Craig Murray suspects the Brits are trying to get him to kill himself.

There's no point to the sham proceedings in Woolwich anyway.

As if that's not enough, it's now emerging that US president Donald Trump wanted Assange 'done away with permanently' [yes] and it's already known that Donald Trump facilitated and engineered Assange's ouster from the Ecuador embassy in London.

To this effort came a coordinated smear campaign so the vox populi wouldn't be too harsh. See here.

Criminal governments go after truth-tellers, but this sets an all-time record. Perhaps you've also seen this splendid piece?

So you get the picture. Now it's time to act. Help bolster Julian's spirits - write A Letter for Julian. (And see to the end of this article for a surprise.)

A Letter for Julian

This is how you do it. This is how you write a letter for Julian.

Letters only. No postcards. Your full name/address on the back.

The front of the envelope must have Julian's prison number: A9379AY.

It should also preferably have his date of birth: 3 July 1971.

The envelope should have only paper items such as the letter (!) or photos or drawings.

So get some paper, get a pen, get an envelope, get some stamps, and sit down and write.

The Surprise

This is a bit of a contest. Or whatever you want to call it. And it doesn't expire, as long as Julian's still at the above address.

Do as above and take a photo of your signed and stamped envelope and your letter and attach the photo (lo-res is fine) to an email message addressed to contact@rixstep.com, put 'A Letter for Julian' as the subject line, don't forget to include a working email address, and we'll send you a one-time 'as is' copy of our Xfile software collection (for Mac) for free. (Don't have a Mac? Send a letter anyway, OK?)

Benny got a big kick out of this when last we did it. Now it's time we did it again. No one's more worthy than Julian.

So get out those envelopes!

[Software developers - or anyone: start campaigns of your own!]

[Please specify if you want the distro for an OS version other than 10.14/10.15.]

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