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Exponential growth. Don't forget.

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Peak Prosperity


Your very first 'goto' resource. Chris Martenson has daily updates. He's been clamouring for the WHO to declare 'global pandemic' for nearly two months now. Be sure to see his demonstration of 'exponential growth', something politicians seem to be having a really difficult time with.

Note how Chris continually stresses that healthcare (of patients) must always come first, otherwise entire nations can collapse. You'd think that all national leaders would reason in this fashion, but they don't.

PM Lee

This is how you do it. Singapore has higher temps but they also take proper care of things - and of their citizenry. Would that all politicians behaved this way.

Worldometer - Corona Virus


This is the page that Chris Martenson and other experts go to. The site itself is a 'yuge' resource for earthly metrics. Click the following link to see how things are shaping up (down) in your particular corner of the globe.



Also a useful resource, and this particular episode has an interesting take on something known as 'chloroquine'.



This is a campaign heartily supported by Chris Martenson. Use the tag to share the URL.

As their Self-Quarantine Manifesto is so critical, it's reproduced here.

  1. Don't panic, but be alert.

  2. Wash your hands often and practice good cough and sneeze etiquette.

  3. Try to touch your face as little as possible, including your mouth, nose, and eyes.

  4. Practice social distancing, no hugs and kisses, no handshakes, no high fives. If you must, use safer alternatives.

  5. Do not attend concerts, stage plays, sporting events, or any other mass entertainment events.

  6. Refrain from visiting museums, exhibitions, movie theaters, night clubs, and other entertainment venues.

  7. Stay away from social gatherings and events, like club meetings, religious services, and private parties.

  8. Reduce your amount of travel to a minimum. Don't travel long distances if not absolutely necessary.

  9. Do not use public transportation if not absolutely necessary.

  10. If you can work from home, work from home. Urge your employer to allow remote work if needed.

  11. Replace as many social interactions as possible with remote alternatives like phone calls or video chat.

  12. Do not leave your home if not absolutely necessary.

You should also visit their site, read what's there, and share the link.

Thank you.

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