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Corona Updates

There would seem to be a solution.

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Corona is a beast. It doesn't care about your feelings. It crosses borders. It kills. And not a quick, swift death where, in a moment, you're gone. No, the Corona death is pure horror. You don't want Corona.

There are over eight hundred thousand people infected worldwide at this moment. Later today, that figure will be at nine hundred thousand. There seems no remedy in sight.

More and more hospitals are using a 'cocktail' of drugs to help patients. This cocktail usually consists of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin.

The drug you really want is zinc. Zinc can break down the virus. But zinc won't get at the virus on its own - it needs hydroxychloroquine to 'break in'. Azithromycin takes care of unwanted bacteriological complications.

The problem - the uselessness - with using this cocktail in most hospital situations is that, by the time the patient gets to hospital, things are too far gone. After contracting the virus in the first place, things proceed to a pneumonia, and thereafter to ARDS - acute respiratory distress syndrome. By that point, your lungs are concrete, so to speak. Perhaps 60% of patients with ARDS can be saved, although they're 'scarred' for life. As for the other 40%...

Chloroquine is an old malaria drug, approved in most countries 75 years ago. Hydroxychloroquine is a variant used in a few countries where chloroquine is not available. Another variant is chloroquine phosphate. Zinc is of course well known. As is azithromycin.

Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity mentioned a report on this cocktail at the end of January / beginning of February. Roger Seheult of MedCram explained how it works in the beginning of March.

David Paterson of the University of Queensland reported on a new study a week later.

A French researcher produced a study of 36 patients, and now has followed up with a new study of 80 patients.

On 28 March, word got out about a Doctor Zelenko who was using his own version of the cocktail with his own patients. He reported '100% success, zero fatalities, zero intubations'. But there are caveats.

First: the cocktail, which is administered for only five days, gets you back to the point where your immune system can take over and defeat the intruder on its own.

Second: you have to get the cocktail in time. It's therefore necessary to administer the cocktail even before you know for sure you're infected.

But the best part? It's cheap. Dirt cheap. The total cost is only $20.

Here's Zelenko's chat with Rudy Giuliani.

But there's another aspect, it would seem, to this good news. For that, you have to read the words of former prosecutor George Parry. Have a look.


But this gets even murkier.

Noted infections specialist Dr Stephen Smith guested Laura Ingraham twice - he's more than unequivocal.

Give Them the Cocktail

The people who are already infected, already in hospital: fight for them as best you can.

Test, test, test, as the WHO put it. An estimated 86% of all contagion is from people who don't know they're infected and present no symptoms whatsoever. As soon as anyone shows positive, give them the cocktail. As soon as someone complains of the symptoms, give them the cocktail. As soon as anyone wants it anyway, give them the cocktail.

Give the hospitals, the doctors, the nurses a break. Let them take better care of the patients they have. All for an unbelievable cost of $20 per person. And of course keep on trucking with creating a vaccine.

Rough strokes: at $20 a pop, the cocktail costs about $159 billion for everyone on the planet. Obviously some people - newborns etc - won't need it.

But $159 billion for the entire planet pales in comparison to the $2 trillion the US already doled out for that country alone.

The cocktail is on the WHO list of essential medicines.

Curtail the onslaught on medical services worldwide. Relieve the poor people of their pain and suffering. Give medical staff a day to look forward to when they can rest and recuperate.

There is a solution, and it was there already yesterday. And last week. And way before that.

Stop farting around.

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