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Apple's Hot Dogs

An Epic move.

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — It's all about hot dogs. Just ask Apple's kamikaze fanboys. It's never about money.

Per CNBC, Apple suspended the developer account of Epic Games yesterday, which is the proper thing to do to a company that gave you nearly half a billion dollars.

The damned thing has even gone through the courts.

'We are disappointed that we have had to terminate the Epic Games account on the App Store', Apple stated in faux regret.

But of course they are. Half a billion dropping into their laps: that's a Good Thing™. But, when your betrothed threatens to upend your scheme, there's much more at stake - countless tens of dozens of billions more.

You don't get to be queen of the mobile market otherwise, not with Apple's unimpressive market points.

'We estimate that, since January 2012, Epic Games' mobile titles have been downloaded more than 159 million times across Apple's App Store globally, generating approximately $1.2 billion in consumer spending', says Sensor Tower's Stephanie Chan.

And a third of that goes to Apple who did nothing but provide buggy OS updates.

Watching those hundreds of millions evaporate prompted Epic to offer in-app purchases. Apple didn't like that and pulled Epic out the same day. Epic filed a lawsuit.

Mac Doggy

Mac Daily News to the rescue. With the classic 'hot dog analogy'.

'Over the weekend, a hot dog vendor was kicked out of the local mall. A few weeks prior, the hot dog guy had asked the mall for special permission to sell hot dogs rent-free and was, as expected, denied...'

But it was dealt with summarily in the first comment.

'That hot dog analogy again. Malls don't make it impossible for their customers to buy hot dogs anywhere else. Apple does.'

Quite. Others want to chime in with how the entire games industry is a waste of money fed by people who are a waste of space. That too. But that's not the issue here.

The issue here is that the world is dealing with the perhaps most reprehensible corporation on earth, a corporation that betrays its own heritage, that practices news suppression and crushes freedom of speech, a corporation that literally faked being part of a cross-platform development movement and part of the open source movement.

That's the issue.

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