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We have a new monster on our hands. And it's not Bill Gates or Microsoft. It's the trillion-dollar Cinderella Apple Inc of Cupertino California.

Facebook wanted to do a good thing. They wanted to help generate revenues at the height of the Corona pandemic. They're willing to let Apple take their Corleone 30% for nothing at all. All they wanted to do was make sure their users understood that a full 30% of the money they contributed would go directly into the overflowing coffers of Tim Cook.

But Tim Cook, being an honourable man, denied Facebook that self-evident right, claiming that such information is 'irrelevant'.


'Mark Zuckerberg took a swing at Apple on Thursday, calling the iPhone maker's App Store monopolistic and harmful to customers during a companywide meeting.'

'Monopoly' is a kind word. Think North Korea, then reduce to a concentrate.

'This unique stranglehold as a gatekeeper on what gets on phones', the Zuck said.

Yes, it's quite unique, quite ingenious, and quite diabolical. But marketing such a dystopia has been a no-brainer. As the Apple fanboys are basically no-brains. Not to point too long at their congenital end-users, but point instead at the developers who know better but don't say a word. Very few people object to what's going on, and only this site has actively fought against it, with a battery of utilities to make life a bit more bearable for all. As to all the others: they've always been fanboys, they didn't know who Steve Jobs was and didn't care, they couldn't care if Apple sold an iTurd because they'd be behind it anyway, and the worst of them actually embrace their oppression.

There's enough in that walled garden to justify a ginormous research grant.

'Blocks innovation, blocks competition, allows Apple to charge monopoly rents', the Zuck adds.

What else do you call three times the going rate? Do that in a real estate market and they'll string you up. Do that in the online world and they'll tell you Tim Cook is a saint, now please leave him alone, he'll be donating those hundreds of millions to some body or something real soon now, so please shuddup.

'That's innovation that could really improve people's lives. Apple's just balking at it.'

It's doubtful if Apple could fix anything if they wanted. Apple are not NeXT. NeXT really and truly wanted to create a great product. Steve Jobs fully understood that the best programmers are not 2 or 3 times better than average, but 200 to 300 times better.

Apple on the other hand are more interested in finding people who can suck on their Apple juice tetra paks - just consult our 'Very Ugly' section to see what they're capable of. Prior to Redwood City's rescue of the Lost Kingdom of Woz, Apple programmers only knew stripped-down PASCAL which they wrote all in UPPER CASE as if it were WORKING STORAGE diaries for COBOL big iron. They'd had no knowledge of C. None. Remember - this was THE LATE 1990s. C came about in the early to mid 1970s. And twenty years in computer science is a long time. Like a century or two in the world around.

Reuters & Mac Daily News

'Now more than ever, we should have the option to help people understand where money they intend for small businesses actually goes. Unfortunately Apple rejected our transparency notice...'

Reuters asked Apple to comment. Apple refused. No surprise there.


But Mac Daily News felt compelled to comment.


'Since Apple does not have a monopoly in any market in which they participate, there is no legal basis for antitrust action against Apple, as Zuckerberg ought to know.

'So, there is no monopoly (which is legal by the way), much less monopoly abuse (which is explicitly impossible given the nonexistence of a monopoly).

'You cannot abuse a monopoly and therefore face antitrust action when you do not have a monopoly to begin with.'

So nice that they can get it so tidy. Now everyone can go back to their iPhones. Thanks for watching and so forth.

Note this is neither a technical nor technological issue at this juncture. This is primarily a sociological one - a strange subject matter for computer scientists. But venturing into a development environment where Apple® achieve a silent coup isn't going to be about computer science anyway - more like post-grad work in abnormal psychology. Jim Jones can't hold an iCandle to Tim Cook and his Apple wolves.

And Mac Daily News? Do try the grape. Use your straw. Remember to suck hard.

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