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The new free ACP/Xfile Test Drive. Now with Keymaster.

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This is the new update to the ACP/Xfile Test Drive, now with Keymaster. More power. Free.

(Yep, it's free. Nope, no strings. Click here, now. )

This new ACP/Xfile Test Drive contains a full dozen (ಹನ್ನೆರಡು, 12) applications. All you do is mount the DMG and you're ready to go. No cleanup required afterwards, no remnants. Pure power, at your disposal.

  1. ACL manages access control lists, which Apple chose not to help with.
  2. CandS deals with Apple's Gatekeeper system and other assorted 'XA cruft'.
  3. Changes is the diagnostic tool developed to study Apple's filesystem activity.
  4. Keymaster counteracts GateKeeper (blows it away). (See here.)
  5. Rixcomp compares two items in your filesystem. Rixcomp was once named 'the ultimate hacker's tool' by the 2600 Group.
  6. TMI ('too much information') spells it all out in plain text.
  7. Tracker long ago made the 'app-zappers' obsolete. Tracker is essential for testing new software, or for testing anything (such as intrusions Apple can't detect).
  8. Xattr is the first-ever Apple XA editor, released over fifteen years ago.
  9. Xattrib shows you the complete attribute setup for any file of any type. Also used for setting attributes. (Yes it's quite a bit more than Apple let on. They think you're stupid. Really.)
  10. Xfile is the ACP file manager. Called the 'standard-setter'.
  11. Xfind finds things in files, or merely summarises file sizes, extended attributes, and blocks used.
  12. Xscan is the filesystem scanner. Check out the 'Filters' menu - inspired by the seminal 'Hacking Exposed', it helps isolate security weaknesses in your system.

Download it here. (Yes.)

PS. You'll probably never see .DS_Store or Gatekeeper again.RUG

You've obviously heard of us, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
We're known for telling the truth even if it's not in our interest.
We're now telling you to beware Apple's walled garden. Don't get locked in.
What you've seen so far may be only the beginning of something far far worse.
Download our Test Drive and at least check out our free Keymaster Solo.
That's the first step to regaining your freedom. See here.

John Cattelin
Media Contact
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