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Thanks, Apple!

And thanks, dear Tim!

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IPHONE HEAVEN (Rixstep) — This really couldn't happen to a greater bunch of guys (and girls and in-betweens). Some of the finest and most likeable engineers in the world, working tirelessly and selflessly and always respecting the open Unix community.

Thanks, Apple.

Why this cause for jubilation? Why this sudden outpouring of love and respect?

Apple just announced a new line of overpriced self-abuse devices that carriers used to give away for free. Some of them cost ten times as much as a computer (from a vendor other than Apple of course).

Apple (and NeXT) have always been overpriced (or at least high-priced). Steve Jobs wanted to sell the original Macintosh for $1999. John Sculley took a first look at it and bumped the price by $500 to $2499. Cool move.

NeXT were high-priced too. But at least there was something of a justification. Except nobody wanted to buy the damned things.

Laptops are now selling for $300. Apple's cheapest machine costs four times that, and Apple's latest iTurd costs twice again as much.

The poll currently running at the Daily Mail indicates that over two-thirds of readers aren't interested in a pocket device that deep-throats a month's salary.

And don't forget Apple's international price-gouging policy, so those dirt-cheap models at almost $3000 can cost again as much in pounds sterling.

It's not certain if the prices quoted are Australian dollars or real dollars.

 Mini              Regular          Pro               Pro Max
 64GB - $1,199     64GB - $1,349    128GB - $1,699    128GB - $1,849
128GB - $1,279    128GB - $1,429    256GB - $1,869    256GB - $2,019
256GB - $1,449    256GB - $1,599    512GB - $2,219    512GB - $2,369

But why stop there when you can insult your customers even more?

Because this new toy will be absent the usual gadgetry things like this normally include by default.

No wall charger. No ear pods.

Apple fanboys are encouraged to start queueing up now.

Pandemic? Cluster contagion? Do it for Apple!

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