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History will be written correctly.

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Hey you fuckheads. You know if you're targeted, and so do the others. This is an open letter to world leaders, mostly in the West.

Hi, fuckheads.

You've known, just as us, from at least the third week of January that there is a 'cure' for COVID.

But the 'cure' involves only non-patented medicine, and the 'Big Pharma' companies have pressured you to smear and fud these 'cures'. The result has been widespread and rampant death and suffering. But you don't give a shit.

Li-Meng Yan says she's one of those who spread the news early on. What have you done with her?

David Paterson of the University of Queensland was in the news because he'd also found success with that 'cure'. He was to set about with a second wider test. Nothing's been heard from him since.

Stephen Smith appeared on the Ingraham Angle to report on dramatic successes with that cure. In fact, he appeared TWICE. But nothing since.

Didier Raoult in France met with the country's president for several hours at his clinic in Marseille.

Finally, Zev Zelenko contacted Rudy Giuliani to tell him of his success in treating thousands of patients in the New York City area.

Giuliani contacted Donald Trump who almost immediately began taking the 'cure' as a prophylactic treatment. It's beyond the shadow of a doubt that this treatment was responsible for the US President's speedy recovery.

Yet neither the President nor anyone else can point this out.

The 'cure' cannot be mentioned by name at YouTube: if it is, the corresponding channel is demonetised, the clip perhaps removed.

(Yes they use the same audio filters they apply to music uploads to check for copyright infringement.)

The work of Zelenko and others shows conclusively that this 'cure' could be applied to the entire human race at a total cost far below what you fuckheads are already wasting on your bullshit.

You know we're talking about one of the safest drugs in the world, and so certified as recently as 2017 by the World Health Organisation. Officially it's safer than generic aspirin.

Yet you hide this information from your citizenries, and continue your pirouettes on the world stage. You have the blood of hundreds of thousands on your hands.

What's even scarier is how you think you're going to get away with this - you're administering one ginormous blue pill to the entirety of the human race. You intend to keep this information hidden, to bury it, to spin it and wipe it from the history books. To write fake history.

Surgisphere came and went. Surgisphere: a company run out of a suburb domestic home, claiming to have electronic access to tens of thousands of patient records in the most remote corners of this planet, places without the requisite Internet infrastructure to make this even theoretically possible.

The report, claiming to have evidence that one of the world's most used generic drugs was actually dangerous, despite it already being in use by hundreds of millions, was exposed and debunked in a matter of minutes.

The paper itself, published without review at the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, was quickly withdrawn, even as the website and terrestrial 'offices' of Surgisphere went up in smoke.

But you still had time to issue bans on the use of this 'cure' in both the United States and Europe.

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and more have perished as a result.

There will be no fake history. History will be written correctly. And your part in this act of heinous genocide will be recorded for all time.


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