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Malevolent Medical Malpractice

There is no way to obfuscate or dodge anymore.

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WASHINGTON — Tuesday 8 December 2020: mark this day.

Tuesday 8 December 2020 is not only the fortieth anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon on the streets of New York City, it is also the date from which it can be stated unequivocally that all human pain and suffering caused by SARS-CoV-2, aka 'COVID-19', is malevolent medical malpractice.

The path to this enlightenment has taken the better part of the year 2020.

The first recognised fatality caused by COVID-19 was on New Year's Eve 2019. But word soon spread of the use of therapeutic treatments, even prophylactic treatments, in Wuhan China. One of the first, if not the first, was Doctor Li-Meng Yan, then connected to the WHO facility in Hong Kong, who'd evidently been in contact with her colleagues in China.

Rushing around frantically for a way to treat the pestilence, Chinese doctors happened upon a paper from Anthony Fauci's NIH on the remarkable discovery that chloroquine helped in the treatment for SARS-1.

Chloroquine is a development from quinine, the original treatment against malaria in Africa.

The Chinese reckoned 'why not' and began treating their SARS-2 (COVID-19) patients with chloroquine v2.0 known as hydroxychloroquine - and it worked. It was soon discovered that hydroxychloroquine, or 'HCQ' for short, acted as an ionophore to get zinc (Zn) into COVID virus cells and thereby 'kill' them.

(The medical profession still can't decide if virus cells can be 'killed' as they can't decide if virus cells are 'living' things, inasmuch as they are 'parasites' and cannot reproduce on their own. But the issue is moot - zinc will in any case stop the virus cells from reproducing, host or no.)

The Chinese added a battery of other medicines for good measure, including vitamin D3, vitamin C, and an antibiotic or two, in the case of secondary bacteriological infections. This treatment spread to South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Doctor David Paterson of the University of Queensland announced positive results in small preliminary tests. Didier Raoult in Marseille announced the same. Neither of them seem to have understood the key role of zinc. The fight against the virus was only beginning.

Doctor Vladimir 'Zev' Zelenko from the New York City area began treating thousands of his patients with HCQ and zinc and azithromycin with amazing results. Doctor Stephen Smith from the same area did the same, and appeared on the Ingraham Angle, euphoric that 'this is the beginning of the end' of the pandemic.

The market cap of Gilead Sciences of Foster City California soared on NASDAQ when news of the pandemic reached the US in early January. Gilead had a patent on an untested drug known as remdesivir that they'd developed for the Ebola outbreak some fifteen years earlier. It had never been approved by the FDA. Trials were producing questionable results and Ebola ended up defeating itself, as victims succumbed too quickly to infect others.

But news of HCQ reached NASDAQ only weeks later, also in January, and Gilead's market cap plummeted by an estimated USD 21 billion.

The FUD ('fear, uncertainty, and doubt') campaign against HCQ had begun.

Anthony Fauci has repeatedly lauded lacklustre remdesivir test results whilst questioning promising HCQ test results, something that's perplexed the scientific community.

It's been speculated that the reason that 'off the shelf' treatments are fought by the authorities is that, in the case of vaccines, the vaccines will not qualify for emergency use authorisation if there's an effective treatment available to the public. Without emergency use authorisation, vaccine trial periods can extend into years.

It's also been suggested that research into 'repurposed' drugs can't get much support, what with the big push from the 'Big Pharma' lobby.

Gilead finally conducted the tests of remdesivir that they otherwise should have completed fifteen years ago, but the results were catastrophic. Remdesivir did not help against COVID-19 and could also produce unwanted side effects. To this date, at time of writing, one governmental agency in the US discontinued their recommendation for use of remdesivir, whilst another did not.

Getting HCQ out of the picture was another matter. Out of nowhere an unbelievably extensive report on use of HCQ appeared almost simultaneously in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) and The Lancet. This report, sponsored by the completely unknown company Surgisphere, claimed to have tens and hundreds of thousands of realtime reports even from Africa. It took a matter of days for the scientific community to debunk the report. The supposed 'board of directors' of Surgisphere included an unemployed porn actress. The 'headquarters' of Surgisphere was traced to an unwitting suburban dwelling in Illinois. Surgisphere suddenly disappeared from the World Wide Web - they'd gone up in smoke - and both The Lancet and the NEJM were forced to retract the paper, but not before the governments of most countries in the 'western developed world' were able to use the bogus report to push through bans on HCQ, resulting, it must be recognised, in considerable human pain and suffering.


Then along came Ivermectin (IVM). Ivermectin, like hydroxychloroquine before it, is on the WHO list of 100 indispensable medicines. The discovery of the avermectin family of compounds, from which ivermectin is chemically derived, was made by Satoshi Ōmura of Kitasato University in Tokyo and William C Campbell of the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research. For this they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2015 - only five years ago.

The initial price for a dose of Ivermectin, as proposed by Merck in 1987, was USD 6. The initial price for remdesivir, as proposed by Gilead in 2020, was USD 3410. They'd initially gone lower, but their stockholders complained. 'Why can't we profit from a pandemic', asked one of them on a conference call.

The cost today for a dose of HCQ is a few US dollars. The cost today for a dose of IVM is equivalent.

But this is not just about the money. This is about saving lives, reducing human suffering, and saving our healthcare systems, including our overburdened - sometimes collapsing - hospitals and the courageous frontline workers there.

With proper prophylactic treatment, even in the worst case scenario with somewhat late treatment, HCQ and even more IVM reduce hospitalisation needs to zero. It's often said that treatment should (must) begin within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms. Both HCQ and IVM can (should) be administered prophylactically.

Doctor Zelenko, as is widely known, contacted his old New York hero Rudy Giuliani and gave him the complete lowdown on HCQ. Zev understood what Rudy would do with the information. Donald Trump started taking HCQ shortly thereafter - likely the rest of his family as well.

There can be no doubt that Donald Trump's speedy recovery from COVID was in large part due to his use of hydroxychloroquine. But Donald Trump cannot say that. The media will pounce on him.

In fact, there is so much censorship going on in social media today that 'hydroxychloroquine' cannot be mentioned by name at YouTube for fear of demonetisation. The same applies in spades to ivermectin. Leading voices in the medical and epidemiological fields are migrating their materials beyond the reach of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Said Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who is also planning several migrations: 'I will not not tell the truth'.

Pierre Kory gave testimony yesterday to the Homeland Security Committee. Watch.

Starting now, all human pain and suffering caused by SARS-CoV-2, aka 'COVID-19', is malevolent medical malpractice, something many of us have realised for the better part of this unduly long year.

Sea changes in society take time. Those who are intelligent and who care are not the problem. The problem is the unwashed. The riffraff. Those with other things on their tiny minds. Those who can rarely actually think because they're just too busy feeling things. Those who are locked in their own bubbles and don't like seeing beyond. Those who don't like learning new things because it's just too much work. The 'close-minded' who think they already know it all.

They're the 98% of humanity not 'sapiens'. They're the problem.

Reducing things down to their level is the classic recurring challenge.

Just imagine how much better this human race would function today if everyone's vote was multiplied by a tested IQ. Think about it.

There is no way to obfuscate or dodge anymore.

Starting now, all human pain and suffering caused by SARS-CoV-2, aka 'COVID-19', is malevolent medical malpractice, and those responsible must be held to account in criminal proceedings.

There is no way to obfuscate or dodge anymore.

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