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An Rx or Two from teh Rxstep

Forego the comfortably numb they planned for you.

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These are Corona times, so our sole priority should be to defeat the virus. A few vaccines come along and all should be well, shouldn't it? Because that's what we've all been waiting for, is it not?

Those vaccines were rushed through their testing phases and many people have lost their lives. And that's inexcusable. An Emergency Use Authorisation, used to speed things along without customary testing, is predicated on an absence of other satisfactory treatments.

But there are treatments, except people in power don't want you to know that. The drug HCQ, one of the world's safest and most necessary medicines according to the WHO as recently as 2017, was found early on to be of great help. HCQ has now been superseded by IVM which has been found to be of even greater help. You can forget side effects - there are none. Both HCQ and IVM defeat SARS-CoV-2.

It's far from certain that the current vaccines will protect against new mutations. But IVM does. IVM's like piranhas with its spike proteins. SARS-CoV-2 can't replicate. With IVM, SARS-CoV-2 is gone within 24 hours to 98.2%.

And all it takes is one pill once a month.

There is only one medical organisation in the world dedicated to finding ways to save COVID-19 patients. They call themselves the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.


No government agency in any country has bothered to look into things like this.

Vaccines are good - if they're tested and safe. The current batch were rushed through trials - with predictable results.

Repurposed drugs can be safer and work better. They've already been properly tested. They help people on the frontline. But they do not generate billions in profits.

Perhaps someday a vaccine will be able to protect everyone by default. That would be ideal. That's the long term goal of course. But we're not there yet. Big Pharma want the billions. Despite the collateral damage.

Normally we at Rixstep delve into operating systems, but these are not normal times. And Apple is not a normal company. Apple is an irretrievably bad company.

Many of you may have followed our lead into Apple. We all got fooled. We all need a new platform. But those stuck with Apple systems for now need an antidote to Apple. That antidote is the Keymaster-Pak.

The Keymaster-Pak is an unpretentious pack of half a dozen applications. You can get away with running only the namesake, Keymaster. Keymaster is easy to configure, and, once it's configured, you just let it run. Silently. No further interaction required.

Keymaster protects you.

Visit the FLCCC now. See their video testimonies. See the clip with Louis Gossett Jr. IVM saved his life. And the lives of hundreds of thousands of others. Get your IVM today.

If you're on an Apple platform, forego the comfortably numb they planned for you. Enjoy your computing time instead.

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