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CLIX Reloaded

One build all versions.

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APPLE PARK WAY (Rixstep) — CLIX is reloaded. Repackaged and uploaded. Note the download URL: it's new. And there have been a few additions.

But the CLIX application hasn't been changed.

CLIX runs namely on all OS versions from as far back as 10.6 Snow Leopard. (10.7 Lion superseded on Wednesday 20 July 2011 - almost ten years ago.)

The whole point is that CLIX - one and only one version - should run on all versions of the underlying OS platform.

Hermetically Sealed

CLIX is also hermetically sealed. That means it doesn't tolerate tinkering.

Apple can seal software too - using their code-signing. This works fine for their mobile platforms which support the mechanism at kernel level.

But it doesn't help CLIX where, on the computer OS, executable header sections can be removed, both manually and programmatically, thereby nullifying any 'protection' Apple offered.

Silver Sparrow on 10.7

The new CLIX command file for Silver Sparrow. CLIX is here running on OS version 10.7.

CLIX running the first 'Find All' command on 10.7.

CLIX running the second 'Remove All' command on 10.7.

CLIX running the third 'Scan All' command on 10.7.

CLIX will not make the jump to 'Dark Mode' because CLIX is not built for any specific OS version.

The idea is that everyone should be able to enjoy and benefit from CLIX, no matter the OS version they have.

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