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The Googol decided.

Note: always download from this site and none other.

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LANCASTER GATE (Rixstep) — This is a reference to the download links at this site for free stuff.

Sometimes it's free because it's about knowledge and knowledge should be free. Sometimes it's free because the carpetbaggers have arrived and gone into the snake oil business and should be outed.

Sometimes it's free because shareware is dodgy.

Availability - never inside Apple's walled garden, only outside it.

ACP Test Drive


OS Version Requirement 10.14 | Further Info https://rixstep.com/td

AWS (ACP Web Services)


OS Version Requirement 10.7 | Further Info https://rixstep.com/aws



OS Version Requirement 10.7 | Further Info https://rixstep.com/clix

Keymaster Solo


OS Version Requirement: 10.14 | Further Info https://rixstep.com/keymaster

Googol & FTP

The Googol are phasing out FTP in their web browser. As their web browser is the most used web browser on the planet, this means that FTP will be phased out as well.

The Googol are phasing it out because no one's using it. Today it's all about 'tap 'n' drool'.

You've obviously heard of us, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
We're known for telling the truth even if it's not in our interest.
We're now telling you to beware Apple's walled garden. Don't get locked in.
What you've seen so far may be only the beginning of something far far worse.
Download our Test Drive and at least check out our free Keymaster Solo.
That's the first step to regaining your freedom. See here.

John Cattelin
Media Contact
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