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This isn't our game anymore.

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This isn't our game anymore. Redwood City conquered Cupertino only to be subsumed. Creativity was crushed by subservient mediocrity. Guy Kawasaki was computer-phobic. The ultimate operating system was destroyed by fags who understood what they were doing and cheered it on. Steve Jobs is long gone. That 'dent' in the universe is only a meek tap. And King Dollar preempts all.

Yes, we saw it coming. Already twenty years ago. As old greybeards took possession of an OS they didn't understand and didn't like, stifling the enthusiasm of the newcomers. And turned things into some sort of perverse neofascism.

Yes, we saw it coming. Already ten years ago. After the introduction of the ultimate Device for Dummies. The perfect playtoy for those with empty heads. Followed by the slow search for a way to Dominate It All.

Yes, we saw it coming. Already with Mojave. And again with Catalina. And again with Big Sur. So that today you can't even boot and login to an Apple computer without an approval from Apple. Yes, in realtime.

There are signs that the paper castle is finally starting to fall apart. Given the comical ineptitude of Apple, that collapse is inevitable.

1. 2021-02-17


So you really thought Apple's App Store - which Steve Jobs vehemently denied once upon time - was only for your own safety, Apple Fan Boy?

They don't care about you, Apple Fan Boy. They never have. They only want your money. Sucker. They're letting their precious App Store fall apart. Just like Microsoft let their platform and their products fall apart. Fuck you, Apple Fan Boy. That's their message. You got ears, Apple Fan Boy?

2. 2021-03-18


They don't have a monopoly, do they? Apple's Xcode provides a mechanism so you can share your software with your own colleagues - and they don't have a monopoly? Others might not call it 'monopoly'. They'll call it 'fascist control'.

3. 2021-04-09


And you really thought all those mechanisms and procedures were for your own protection? You can't scrape the surface, Apple Fan Boy. Apple's 'protections' are as easy to hack as a... well, as an Apple computer. But they're good enough to thwart you, Apple Fan Boy. They were good enough back in the day of the iPod and they're good enough today.

(Unfortunately they're not good enough for serious developers who need to create their own security systems. Yes, Apple Fan Boy. You stupid fuck.)

4. 2021-05-20


Sounds a bit like the TP Jackson trial bullshit, doesn't it? They're all in bed together. They're all sticking it to Auntie Tim. They're all lying their pantyhose off. They'll spin anything any-which-way they want. To suit the immediate crisis.

You asked for it, Apple Fan Boy.

But this isn't our game anymore. We don't give a shit. We're going to enjoy sitting on the sidelines and watching your sky come falling down.

With $50 billion in annual sales, CNBC explained the App Store alone would be #64 on the Fortune 500, ahead of Cisco and behind Morgan Stanley. App Store revenue also includes an $2.67 billion Apple makes through the $99 annual fee paid by Apple's 27 million iOS developers. In an interview with Subcommittee staff, Phillip Shoemaker, former director of app review for the App Store, estimated that Apple's costs for running the App Store is less than $100 million.
 - Investigation of Competition in Digital Markets, Subcommittee on Antitrust

You've obviously heard of us, otherwise you wouldn't be here.
We're known for telling the truth even if it's not in our interest.
We're now telling you to beware Apple's walled garden. Don't get locked in.
What you've seen so far may be only the beginning of something far far worse.
Download our Test Drive and at least check out our free Keymaster Solo.
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