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Diversity & The Two Tims

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Sir Tim has a gig coming up at Sotheby's. He's auctioning off the code what made the World Wide Web. It took him ten months.

That's a pretty good achievement.

It took our chief cook twenty-two months to write the Windows Explorer killer. How long it took to write the Apple Finder killer isn't known, but it didn't happen over a night.

Sir Tim had the advantage of NeXT technology. He says the job would have been impossible without it. This was late 80s / very early 90s and Windows 3.1 appeared around 1992, so yes, it would have been impossible.

Lady Tim (and we can call her that as she's never specified personal adjectives) has another approach. Lady Tim doesn't give a poopie about computer science, knows even less about it, and has absolutely no interest in it either, unlike her predecessor. Tim cares only about one thing - beside diversity, that is.


Of course she's going to donate all her ill-gotten gains to appropriately diverse charities, but even so. Under the mismanagement of Lady Tim, Apple Computer has turned from the strange but sometimes oddly amusing ugly duckling of the computer industry to the all-time most vicious carnivore, incurring the wrath of the New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, and the government of the United States.

But it's all in the name of diversity, and that's a good thing. You might not yet understand why, but Apple zombie fanboys do. Actually they don't understand it either, but they're terribly diverse and used to doing anything Lady Tim hints at.

At the mere drop of a handkerchief.

'You say hello, we say goodbye.'
 - P McCartney

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