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COVID Vaccines: Fun Fact

'When we were kids we were punished for lying. Now we're punished for telling the truth.'

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Posted to Chris Martenson's Peak Prosperity.

Just today.

This link.


Here's a screenshot.

Doctor Pierre Kory is not exactly given to hyperbole. Odds are that he's kept silent about this for a long time. Either that or his colleague has.

Odds are rich that the same thing is playing out across the western world where Big Pharma can still rake in the billions (or close to a trillion at latest count). They all know, but the Big Pharma lobby, together with Anthony Fauci, are simply too powerful.

It's not like Big Pharma never before did something genocidal...

Anyway. That's a fun fact. Thanks, Pierre. Of course there are other questions to be asked and answered. Given enough time, they might be. But people can already fill in most of the blanks themselves. As a commenter put it:

'Wow, Doctor Kory! That's an amazing declaration. Of course we already assumed that. Bill Gates' kids are not vaccinated. I am sure Fauci didn't take a real vaccine. They are all taking the Ivermectin. Including Joe. AND none got the vaccine. The vaccine is for us - the Ivermectin is for them.'

You really want to visit the 'World Ivermectin Day' website.


Then you want to visit the website of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and pick up their protocols. Most of those drugs are dirt-cheap. They've been saving hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, already. See you count yourself and everyone you know amongst them.


It takes a fortnight - two weeks, a mere fourteen (14) days - to eradicate COVID-19 completely and forever. That's what the science says.

But expect Big Pharma and their friends (Fauci et al) to give you maximum possible resistance. Don't let them win.

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