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From Kenosha to Grey Havens

No winners?

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Kyle's home now. He's been planning (hoping) to study nursing at ASU. He got his student ID card.

A lot of people are relieved. Any victory is welcome.

Not many people knew much about Rittenhouse two weeks ago. Glenn Greenwald just revealed that the media in Brazil kept saying Kyle killed two black guys.

We got into it in the middle. All these 'LIVE' links started popping up on YouTube. We clicked one.

We got in on the tail end of the day Kyle put himself on the stand. He'd insisted on doing this from Day One. We got to see how Thomas Binger made an absolute fool of himself.

We knew nothing of the case. We only saw that Binger was destroying what little case he had.

A thought crossed our minds. Could Binger be that clever? That he was under such pressure to bring charges that he did so within 48 hours? But that he knew the case was all bullshit, and so he had to find a way to take a dive?

That thought crossed our minds. But no, Binger wasn't doing that. Had he wanted to take a dive, he could have done so without making a complete fool of himself. Without taking an AR-15 and pointing it at the jury. With his finger on the trigger.

Kyle's responses to Binger were classics. Like the one where Binger asks why Kyle ran off to help when he heard there was another fire somewhere. Kyle answered:

'Because it was a fire?'

You can't make shit that good up.

And then, after catching up online, you take a step back. And once again behold the idiocy that's become the US. The land of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. That today's been taken over by komodo dragons like Joy Reid.

A case with one white boy against three white boys. But it's still racist.

It had to be racist because BLM needs a reason to riot.

What the jury in Kenosha did, most likely, was decide 'enough is enough'. It's BLM against their town. BLM riots run by crazy white boys. One who just got out of the loony bin that day, still had his plastic bag from the bin, but had nowhere to go, because the girl he'd been living with tossed him out and rang the cops and had him put in the bin in the first place. People like that.

They plundered that town. They ruined it. Just like they'd been ruining cities all across the country that summer. Where Democrat leaders told law enforcement to stand back and let them do their thing. So desperate they were to get rid of Trump.

Trump is true working class. He has to be. He works with working class people all the time. The Democrats in Washington don't work with working class. Check Bernie's speech at the 2016 convention. It's 31 minutes long. Not once does he mention 'working class' in all that time. Bernie, like Hillary, goes on about middle class middle class middle class until it's coming out of your ears. And they wonder why they lost.

(Not once did Bernie mention foreign policy or foreign interventions either. So you know where his heart isn't.)

150 BLM sympathisers met on a bridge in Brooklyn last night. To protest against something. They 'took the knee' like up-and-coming reality star Colin Kaepernick. (Get a haircut, Colin. You look like Liz Taylor in Cleopatra.)

But that was about it. There were skirmishes in Portland. (There always are.) People in Portland wax nostalgic easily - they long for the 2020 'summer of love'.

Mostly the rest of the US (and the world) just relaxed. Seventeen-year-old Kyle got himself in an incredibly sticky situation. We can armchair it all in slow motion after the fact. We can't fault a single thing he did. It was all tragic, and left Kyle with PTSD, and, as David Hancock said, 'there are no winners here'.

Maybe there aren't, maybe there are. But for now it's to set sail for the Grey Havens.

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