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'Sweden creeps me out.'

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Sometimes it's better not to get up.

Sometimes it's hard to get out the absolute pure truth.

Sometimes it's impossible to find a single intelligent human being.

Jimmie Åkesson of Sweden says now he might be OK on joining NATO if the Finns do it first.

Far be it from a Swede to make that first daring move.

Jimmie's media channel at YouTube has not published anything on the crisis in Ukraine in over two weeks.

Peter Wolodarski, a major news publisher who's declared outright that his news is not news but agenda-driven news, whose boss has had a quiet deal with the state not to publish anything too scandalous, pulled in one foreign writer at the onset of the genocide in Donbass in 2015 to say:

'No one knows what happened to those two million refugees who fled the area, or if Kiev could take care of them.'

Cleverly worded. That's because the whole world knew of the two million refugees, and that they'd fled not west but east, over the border into Russia and Rostov-On-Don, where they were well taken care of, thank you. Everyone knew that. Everyone but people with their heads stuck up their ARSE.

Benny and Björn held a concert for Ukraine this week. How wonderful. Where the fuck were they eight years ago when this genocide began? Oh that's right - they didn't know. They had their heads stuck up their ARSE.

Benny's the richest musician in Sweden. A billionaire in dollars. He's also one of the early funders of something called The Feminist Initiative, a movement patterned after psychopath Valerie Solanas, the maniac who tried to assassinate Andy Warhol. They openly advocate violence, but Benny's OK with that. Either that or he has his head stuck up his ARSE.

Virtue-signaling is almost gone, thankfully, and it's now of all times that Sweden decides to play the game.

Sweden was neutral in World War II. Formally speaking. In reality they provided important support to Nazi Germany. Their own Racial Biological Institute was the model for the Nazi idea behind the Holocaust. The Swedes let Nazis use their railroads to conquer and suppress Norway, and the Swedes gave the Nazis crucial support to the Finnish Nazi Mannerheim. Norwegians haven't been able to forget.

The Nazi purges didn't touch Sweden. That strong 'master race' idea continued to thrive up there. Their prime minister Tage Erlander was openly ecstatic that the people were racially pure.

Stop any Swede in the street. Travel there if you feel up to it. Stop them in the street. Ask them what they know about Ukraine. They don't know shit.

The German people were called into question after World War II. We know this because we personally asked people who'd been around back then. We asked them how they could let themselves be bullshitted by the likes of Hitler. After all, it was, once the war was over, blatantly fucking obvious what had been going on. And you know what they said? Almost to the very last NPC?

'We had no idea. All we were told was we had to go out and defend our Vaterland.'

'That's not true', said a very very small minority of others. 'They knew alright. They just didn't want to know. Life got better under Hitler and they didn't want to hear about all that other stuff, they didn't want to know what was going on. And those who looked too closely were disappeared.'

A private German film team put together a startling documentary for television in 1979. The documentary showed that, without the express and enthusiastic support of the German people, Hitler's NSDAP would never have got that far, would never have succeeded.

Tens of millions lost their lives. Thirty million in Russia alone. (Yes, thirty million.) The Holocaust. Six million people, Jewish and otherwise deplorable, in the ovens in Poland. Polish families taking picnic baskets with their children to the hillside on Sunday to watch the executions.

None of them owned up, none of them own up to this day.

Back to sleep.

'Sweden creeps me out.' - Tim Pool

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